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  • It's not really a bug but I'm not sure where to post it or if I should just bother someone on Slack.
    Just to be super picky and make it super clear to the newcomers, I've been pointed out that the latest version downloadable via the website doesn't specify that it's version 5. Yes, I know it says "Oct 26" and pre-release. But just for the sake of it, could it be worth rephrasing it clearly stating that it's the second iteration of version 5?

    Download states "Alpha 4.2", pre release simply states "Version 2 - Oct 26".
    Or am I getting this entirely wrong and it's only temporarily unitl we get the "official" v0.5 release? :D


  • I think it was only temporary until there was a stable version. just my guess :P

  • Yes, it is a temporary release. I will add 5.2 for clarity.

    Thanks for letting us know.
    And feel free to message me on slack for web related concerns.

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