Raw Meat Not Possible?

  • I've been searching through the forums and github if this has been posted but i can't find it so.... I assume that you get raw meat from using a carcass on a butchers table but it says you need raw meat to get the butchery skill. Is there some other way to get raw meat or is this progression part broken?

  • we have have a long buglist under "Alpha 5 Bugs/quarks" so first check if it was posted there if posible

  • @Gemji yea I read in that post that "Can't get meat at all" which now has "fixed" next to it? However that seems to have been updated by a player rather than an admin/dev. Perhaps it was a different bug?

    I'm finding posting bugs pretty difficult on here and tracking who has posted what. There seems to be multiple threads with some using github and some not - plus with the pre-release versions its making it even harder to know if the bugs have been resolved or not.

  • you have a point

  • not sure .. but you might need to use an arrow and bow to kill animals to get meat ? i havent checked recently so i dont know how it changed, but i know there have been changes to that system

  • you get only the Carcass when you kill a animal, you need the butchery table to make raw meat out of the carcass
    but the research needs raw meat so you see our problems

  • 1 of each carcass for example would be a method to get the butchery skillbook, not 20 raw meat. Another way could be just 20 charred meat.

    1 of each carcass could be problematic if 1 animal is extinct.

  • Getting fixed today. Will probably move the butcher table higher in the tree or change the research to not require meat.

  • @Shimazu My thoughts are that if an animal is extinct.. You failed.. Time to start over.

  • a result of this is also being locked to tier 1 research.
    advanced research requires campfire stews, which require prepared meat, which requires butchery.

  • yeah that was my own quick list the night of the first alpha 5. i was not trying to make a new one for each problem on git hub although it might have been easier. feel free to PM me and say its wrong and i will turn it back. got to collaborate! although i was under the impression you could get meat from carcass at a campfire. must not be the right kind of meat. but what i was reffering to was eating meat which i think you can now. have not played v2 enough yet sorry! just PM me if something on my list is wrong it will get changed ASAP and feel free to add. probably should be using GITHUB but its "pre-release" and i figured most these new bugs would be in handfull and be worked out fairly quickly.

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