can you guys switch back to multiple files again?

  • This post is deleted!

  • is a zip file, you can open it up and each older .eco file is now just a separate folder

  • Also not sure what you mean, as the config files and mod files are all still separate files. You can control all the settings in there still, though some things might have moved around.

  • uh ok alright. just tried a hex editor. i wanted to backup my user files etc. sorry for this harsh post and thanks for your work

  • No problem - the backup system has been souped up somewhat, and it save/load should be more stable in general - if its NOT please let me know and we can track it down further.

    The main problem that corrupted most saves in the past should be fixed.

  • well, it is too buggy for me, creating a new world does work in like 10%, it's kinda unstable, sometimes the file also doubles itself with a file called

  • and joining a bugged world just leaves me at 36% clientside.

  • Ah so heres what has changed from alpha 5

    all saves in storage changed from being one zip per container, to one zip in total with subfolders where there would otherwise be containers. So now you have with Users, World, Objects folders etc, which would have be,, etc.

    Secondly, upon successful server startup, it will archive as as the 'last know good state' when is succesfully loaded the world - this is too account for situations where the game corrupts the save, so you hopefully at least have that one to go back on.

    Can you elaborate what you mean by the 10%? I can address any bugs you have with the system

  • 10% as in it works like never, i think i could join my server once in 20 tries, the new eco file was nearly empty and so on, it's just too bugged atm

  • and on join the server just crashes. again, just checked, not all files did generate in the archive

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