5.0 Server Process is Terminated due to stackoverflow exception

  • it gets to point of Initializing StorageManager then it gives Process is Terminated due to stackoverflow exception - and it just closes down no crash report file made.

    we have been running server on OS 2008 Server 64 bit OS

  • could you please provide the full error ?

  • Try updating your .NET to latest version.

  • @midn8t said:

    the run full error is " Process is Terminated due to StackOverflowException" that is last thing it says in command line CMD box

    then it just crashes to desktop with COD saying EcoServer has stopped working I could take a screen shoot of the event.

    the 2008 server claims latest update for net is 4.5.2 ?


  • I believe 4.6.1 is the latest - there have been reported issues with stack overflow / being stuck on storage manager init with the older version

  • I know the alpha 4 worked okay with version on it ill check and see but i know under windows updates there nothing newer for net frame for 2008 r2 server software ill have to go googling to see if i can find anything about net framework for 2008 server I suppose its possible windows is not showing the updates for net framework correctly any more ?

  • the newest package for 2008 https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=49982

    that is 4.6.1 (Offline Installer)

    if you look up net frame work by it self they have page looks just like that one for each version and each page says it is latest so.

    also just so people know it seems that the latest version of it do not appear in windows auto update list if you run windows update some versions do like one I originally was using but for example 4.6.1 does not show up in it.

    also 4.6.1 seems to have fixed this issue, so I posted link above in case other people think they may have latest version but this is just so they know they may be miss - lead by Microsoft update service and even by there own web pages for downloads.

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