Alpha 5 Bugs/quarks

  • it looks more like the only table that needs a room is the workbanch atm

  • hmm. i didnt play v2 enough haha just a few moments. you sure the research table dont need one and carpentry table? and wainwright table?

  • yes i used then this way only the workbanch gives you a incomplete status when you access it without a room around it

    • recipes that need pitch say that there a item needed for crafting, even if you have the items that are needed. it looks like the different kind of pitch are not exepted as the right pitch
    • planted seeds cant be removed
    • plants that are planted dont grow (test time about 70 ingame days or ~30h)

  • In pre-release 2, trees do not drop seeds.

  • @darkensign said:

    In pre-release 2, trees do not drop seeds.

    The drop rate is reduced, but they do drop seeds.

  • @Prayr said:

    @darkensign said:

    In pre-release 2, trees do not drop seeds.

    The drop rate is reduced, but they do drop seeds.

    It was really low droprate in 4.2 and they nerfed it even more? wtf...

  • i dont think the tree seed droprate was unreasonably low in 4.2. i wouldnt mind it going a bit lower. if you have a tree farm, they grow leaves right away and you get alot of seeds quickly.
    however what id like to see is a benefit from seed yield. not the flat +1 / the same ratio you get from plants tho, that would be too much imo. eventually they will have to tweak the way most of the yield skills work anyway if you ask me. current concept is totally fine for alpha, but suboptimal overall.

  • One of the key aspects of the game is the way players interact with and take from the environment: how their actions change the ecosystem and how that influences the availability of resources/state of the world. Both the droprate of seeds and the growth rate of trees are both important in reinforcing this concept and will be likely be tweaked quite a bit as we move forward. Tree farms should be seen as a method of supplementing, not replacing, deforestation for later wood-related uses.

    That all said, I don't think the drop rate for tree seeds should have changed between 4.2 and 5 pre3.

  • @craig.jong hehe ill be sure to plant a tree seed on your grave next time :P

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