Star Citizen!

  • Real Life Simulator 2949! IN SPACE!

    What do you guys think of this game?

    They have 1.500.000 backers at the moment and around 130.000.000 USD through Crowd Funding! That is around 800$ per backer!

  • i'll wait until release. Its amazing what they've done so far but it's a really huge project and it's getting bigger and bigger. I hope they will have the ability to finish it.

  • Yeah, I backed it on Kickstarter back in the day. It's earned a lot of controversy for its missed deadlines and immense project bloat. Still, it's visually very impressive.

  • yea i am a backer .. i spend dam 1000$ so far on it XD hehe

  • Project bloat hasn't really been a thing for a few years now: they just set insanely ambitious goals. The thing that has blown people's minds is how many of them they've either fully accomplished or have solid proof of concept for.

    It's still alpha but there is stuff to play. They're offering free play in their alpha for another week.

    There are technically 2 games: the single player campaign (squadron 42) and the persistent universe (MMO).

  • I played my friends copy of it and i played elite and dangerous problem i ran into with the game is just way to many key bindings every single key pretty much on keyboard does multiple things. so personally think the control scheme needs be simplified a little.

    my rise of flight simulator and even the mechwarrior simulator online doesn't have that many keybindings.

    even elite and dangerous has less keybindings.

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