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  • quick comment on that with just 4 copies.. its an know issue they are looking at .. its not intended to say no users that want more than 4 copies .. i know about a very few cases where people wanted more than 4 copies .

  • @andreasb86 I do understand you, I'm not saying I've never downloaded a game but I, as you said, bought all the games at some point and stopped downloading completely when I was 18 or so.. The problem is that on average most don't actually buy it in the end unless there's content that they can't reach at all without having a legit copy. Plus I'm studying as a game designer and trying to make a living out of it so it wouldn't be very smart of me to download illegal copies of other games :P

    Yeah. It's always been tricky with pre-release games.. On one side you're paying to access a work in progress and, hopefully, help for free in polishing the game. On the other hand, since you're supporting, it's more likely that you'll pay more money for that same reason as devs might struggle with cash. But at the same time a lower price while still in development might help to sell more copies and get more people to try it out and give feedback. thought a fair split will just keep their copies on a shelf waiting for the game to be finished.

    But all of that doesn't actually matter since it has now become a common practice, and I'm not talking about Eco but the market itself. "Pre-order to get this extra icon, get a season pass as we know there will be 4 DLC you'll have to pay for". "buy ealy access to have the 'privilage' of getting the game before others" when it's normally a paid job (QA testers).

    Well.. I've went off track there. Sorry for the OT but I felt like saying those couple of things :P back to my dark cave

  • Every opinion is welcome here (as long as everyone stay's respectful and / or breaks any laws by linking to pirate thinks on the forums)


    There is a good reason for the high price and why eco is doing thinks differently .. for now the reason for the 40 $ is because the alpha is supposed to be exclusive. meaning that it most likely will drop later when it goes into beta / release version.

    On top of that the idea about making it more expansive is because :

    1. Higher price means hopefully less people buying it now finding out that its to early and never touching it again.
    2. Get mainly people that invest more time in it and giving feedback ( i guess your view might apply here @Nertomaros , though its not about milking the most out of players as possible )
    3. Compensating a bit for the lower numbers of people buying it.

    (dont take my word though for this the way i got this explained its a bit hard to understand maybe and i have trouble explaining thinks like this very well)

    Eco is doing allot of thinks differently .. like having the dev tier where you can get access to the source code and help even out with coding and creating the game (The team is pretty small and there is always a time limit on how long you can work on a game with a given amount of money so having the community help on some more simpler task to make the game even better is pretty cool) If you look at the backup system between alpha 4 and 5 you can see that you can now have multiple backups that i helped implement because i feel this was a very nice feature to have this early (since you can still can get corrupted worlds from time to time .. it helps at least a bit) you cant of course not give the source out for free since that would make it easier to make a pirate version for everyone ( therefore the high price on that tier) but you can actually earn money if you implement several larger community task or get more free game copies for helping out like this. (ref: ). I honestly don't know a single game that allows this and its a pretty cool idea.

    Personally i think the whole way this gets handled and how its done is a pretty cool idea =)

    And now lets talk a bit about piracy ... most users have pirated something at some point in there life .. like a single song , or a movie or even a tv show .. some people pirate pc games. The Issue is that developers and content creators need money to create more content / games. We cant therefore allow piracy here. its not cheap making a game and i hope that even if some of you pirated the game i hope you buy it later if you like it at least and support this game and the developers.

  • @NoBlackThunder about point 2, ish.. I wasn't referring to Eco for sure for those aspects, or I wouldn't be here in the first place. :P
    And I would've definitely avoided buying the Dev Tier if I thought so.

    I double Black's last statement, we'll be here and hopefully Zekkiyou and others like you will be able to join us at some point when they have the chance.

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