please help with game login

  • I can login on the website but in game it say invalid username or password

  • can you login on forum or the website or both? The game needs the login of the website

  • i can login on forum and website but not in game

  • have you changed your password? i've read about some other users which had problems after they changed their password

  • no i didnt

  • Yea for some user there seems to be an issue with special characters like @$#_&-+()/*"':;!?~`|•√π÷׶∆£¢€¥^°={}%©®™℅[] and so on . So just using numbers and letter should help normaly

  • But my password is simple just letters and numbers like you say :/

  • @Zekkiyou I had this problem when I didn't have a legal version of the game ;)
    As soon as I bought it I could log in no probs.

  • @andreasb86 oi oi oi oi did you pirate the game ... well good you supported Eco in the end ;)

  • @NoBlackThunder Of course I did. I never(never say never) buy a game without having tried it first..
    Aint gonna happen for the most time.

    edit: That being said I end up buying most of the games.

  • yeah i have a pirate game, but i cant affort 40 dolars in my country just for an alpha game, also if i dont know if ill like it, but I'm sure there must be multiple players and multiple servers also like me. how people will try the game if they have to affort and expensive game and it isnt finish. I like the game and I would like to continue playing it, but if I cant, good as it is.

  • Zekkiyou... Piracy cant be allowed here... sorry but 40$ is because this is supposed to be a exclusive alpha for people who want to support development and help with it. The price on release will most likely go down or already when it goes into beta. Also we cant allow piracy here to be honest ether. The developers need money to support developing games. That said . you cant really expect us helping you with issues that is caused by piracy... i am not sure right now what i will do about this post so i have to think a bit about it.

  • BWAHAHA omg classic

  • This is quite funny :)

  • Well anyway the reason for you not be able to log in is because that pircay loophole got fixet .. so you wont be able to get online anymore without buying or getting the game gifted

    So for anyone else having a pirated copy .. sorry you need to buy it and support it or wait until the price goes down

  • Eh, no offence but I really don't understand why would people even try to get help on the official (e.g. developer's) forum if they're admitting they are using a pirated copy of the game. :/
    But yes, at this point waiting for the official release and the price to go down would be the best option in this case. Good luck.

  • well as
    @andreasb86 said:

    @NoBlackThunder Of course I did. I never(never say never) buy a game without having tried it first..
    Aint gonna happen for the most time.

    edit: That being said I end up buying most of the games.

    there is allways piracy on any game.

    but as you all say see you till i can affort this game. I liked while it lasted

    see you

  • We'll be here :) Until next time.

  • @Nertomaros Please forgive me for attempting to try out the game before buying it, but I find that method easier than dealing with the refund stuff. I did end up buying it though, hehe.

    That being said I totally agree with you, which is why I never came here to ask for support, and just bought the game instead.
    I have to admit I think the prices are a bit high for an alpha, also I dislike the fact that you (potentially) deny me to ability to buy more than 4 copies. What if I wanted 10?

    I think the way it's done should maybe be changed so that after getting 4 copies I can still purchase copies of the game.
    Only way right would be to make a 2nd account and waste $40 since first copy would be locked to the account.

    Imho the price should go up after an alpha, not down. This means you are "robbing" backers, and rewarding those who wait.


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