Unlimited Property Claim Flags

  • Not drowning is part of the game. We are not dying as players. It's about the planet. I don't see how planting a tree underwater is more of an issue then someone claiming a whole map. I feel you have not played multiplayer enough. Or the game enough to understand what it is about. Of course what it is about to me could be different then you. But I feel like dying will never be a thing. The game to me is about learning, being creative, working together as a community, developing relationships. None of this has to do with death nor is needed. This game seems to be milder. Everyone wants to die.. but why? Play mine craft :p

  • to me game can never be realistic enough to be a true learning experience about planet, specially if you take out all thing in real life that are reasons we have issues now in first place, which are survival needs food, water, Shelter, Heat protection from enlivenment and population growth. along with Multiple Communities with different laws governing things.

    in this game best way to protect planet in is to not build anything that can upset balance there for if you want to protect environment do not build things specially when its not needed to do so just power level.

    I play game as what it is - a piece of entertainment for fun aka a game and games not something that is serious or realistic

  • The point of the Game is to stop a meteor from destroying the planet while not destroying it yourself. You do need to eat which consumes the environment. Just cause you don't die don't mean it's bad. It's not meant for a health bar. The way you play sounds like you play on a solo map with no meteor or other players. You just log on. Eat food. And log off. Sounds like a blast. Of course to you this stuff with claim flags is not important. But it is a major major fault in the game when you consider playing on public servers. I will not give any more opinion. You can think what you will. And I will think what I will. And I think you should play the game more before telling other people what is needed or not. I just don't see you having much knowledge of the game. None the less. Good day sir and happy gaming :)

  • You can always tell fan boys - always pushing Kool Aid I never said anything about health cars or anything of sort topic was unlimited claims bug, and I added few more bugs that are out into the list.

  • Take out meteor and point of Game is creativity. I've never seen a server with 100+ people on or even 10. Idk what you are talking about. Also my server does have a meteor. Just cause yours don't, don't mean they are all that way. To restate. No meteor. Point of Game is purely what you can imagine and create. No need for death with that one. And with a meteor the point is to work together to stop it without destroying the world yourself. It's about the world not the player. When the player eats or tries to build to stop the meteor the player has to take from natural resources. Weather or not the player can die is irrelevant to the game. As it still causes you to take from the environment. Death or no death the effects to the planet would be the same thus making death irrelevant. I feel we are way off topic again. Kind of feel like you are trolling. The original post is about land claims and the bug for infinite claims. This is an issue bottom line. More of an issue then not drowning. Being able to build underwater and plant underwater. All very tiny problems compared to someone owning the whole world and no one can do a thing

  • ok this went way off topic ^^. Related to the claim flag bug i think it sould be fixed before the game gets on steam early access. As soon it's released on steam there will be a bunch of new players and some of them will abuse this. it seems to be not a big problem atm as most servers where empty anyway.

  • there not empty - most of servers have a lot of people on them we we just do not see people playing often because you do not need put a lot of hours into playing it just jump on do your thing and off.

    there are a lot of bugs that need be fixed before it hits steam this going one of them, I would also list the teleportation bug and water not moving into empty spaces as two major ones with that one.

    as for no servers with 100 to 200 I have a char on a server that has around 220 on it. you just do not see people on often because of issues i brought up, but if you play game for 12 hours straight you will see people coming and going.

    i playing on falling servers

    Salty hunter
    Stress Full times
    total surivie
    QQ united

    lowest pop count is 15 which is salty hunter other ones hit 90 to 200 pop
    all have active players that come and go most of us on those server talk so forth pretty friendly but we have chars on across all those servers not just one.

  • How can that be all the Game is? I literally sit and play 16 hours straight on my days off. How are you accomplishing anything? Please take these issues to another thread. This is for unlimited land claims as the title says.

  • O man I do hope they fix the unlimited Property Claim Flags and along with all other issues.

  • Further to the conversation of property claiming being a massive issue. If in the future they decide to increase the time it takes to get skill points, it would require a lot more teamwork and cooperation to achieve the task - Meteor.

  • We're fixing bugs like mad, can someone add it here with a description and we'll verify its fixed in alpha 5?


    Any bugs you file here will get looked at!

  • Looks like that one has been entered.

  • Yeah was on there twice bUT should be a little more high priority Imo but I trust your development :)

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