Headless Linux Server?

  • Will the game only run on Windows for Alpha and beyond?

    Ie can I install the source on linux when it has its dev release?

    @MajorCyto, I have a basic Windows Server 2012 licence laying around if I can find it I can let you borrow it although it is only for dual processor systems so running on wine may be the best solution for a more robust solution. I could also just use the windows installation on one of my servers which I can leverage as well.

  • Oo, good to know @Metachonism i was going to ask about Mono/Wine.. i have ran things through that way before. All though some times it requires something specific and won't run proper. I can provide you a Linux VPS to test on if you like meta, or i can test it. 8D

    Worst case scenario i can just add a windows server to my farm for a short while i guess. I just prefer to work on Linux servers so fingers crossed that Wine/Mono will play nicely.

    @eat_those_lemons : Thank you for the offer, but i can add a Windows server in my farm temporarily for the time being if Wine does not work. But that was really nice of you to offer. :D

  • @MajorCyto, sure thing, let me know if there is stuff that I can do to help with wine and such :)

    Also @MajorCyto, and @Metachonism it sounds like our main thing might be to make the server run on linux.

  • I have a dedicated vm with many windows boxes if that's needed. Can give access to those who would need it if need be.

  • Currently I use windows Azure to host my server but on Ubuntu 15.04 (not a fan of powershell).
    I will be interested to test the build server (I can set up a windows server very quickly but I'm not very experience in managing windows server)

  • I will work on getting it to run on Linux via mono and wine. If I am successful I will share my steps. I have done a few other servers that way let's hope it goes smoothly lol.

  • Awesome! Will be great to have help on the linux front.

  • Possibly a console / terminal only version? Also, I'd love to help on the front of server hosting, already sent you an e-mail for that :)

    All our servers have mono installed so i'll test it as soon as an alpha server comes available.

  • I also have 10 to 15 servers I can provide. But mostly all Linux. Hopefully we can work together to get it working on Linux. :)>-

  • Hopefully it will work well with mono, not a big fan of requiring to run windows in order to host a server

  • i only have windows servers =P and those are configured in an AD domain and with my costume tools =P so as long as i can runs servers as an service i am happy =P

  • Just wondering if using a tool like the <a href="http://www.mono-project.com/docs/tools+libraries/tools/moma/">Mono Migration Analyser</a> might help with determining if the server tools will play nice in linux.

  • oo awesome, thanks!

  • I have gotten the server to work on Linux using Mono without wine. linux-eco-server.png .

    Of course, there's some issues, but it seems to be working.

  • hi everyone

    here you can find a fully functional headless Docker server I've made: start.sh Dockerfile

    it's still missing VOLUME to keep the generated world outside of the docker to keep it after a reboot but it's a start feel free to improve it :)

  • I tried to create an updated headless server with mono in Docker for Alpha 4. The headless part isn't a problem so far, but I get a MissingMethodException:

    [ERROR] FATAL UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: System.MissingMethodException: Method 'LegendCollection.Add' not found.


    To reproduce, execute the following commands on a docker-enabled linux machine, starting in the path where the Dockerfile is located:
    docker build -t eco .
    docker run eco

  • have you installed mono-complete? @Metrotyranno is thus far the expert with running with linux - anything to add?

  • @Metachronism Thank you for the suggestion. I have tried mono-complete as well. Same error.

  • @Metachronism He's using the GUI which is the likely cause, Servers I run are guiless. (with the -nogui flag)

    Worth a shot to rule out the gui, boot the server with the -nogui flag.

  • @Metrotyranno Thank you! That was indeed the part I missed!

    Is this documented anywhere? I couldn't find server configuration documentation, nor is there a -h /h /? -? --help switch for EcoServer.exe to show command line usage.

    Anyway, here's an updated Dockerfile for those who want to try it themselves:


    To run the server, fire up a console in the same directory as this Dockerfile:

    docker build -t ecoserver:0.4.1 .
    docker run -d -p 2999:2999 -p 3000:3000 -p 3001:3001 -v /data/ecoserver:/eco/Storage --name ecoserver ecoserver:0.4.1

    This starts a new ecoserver, with the world data stored at /data/ecoserver.

    Now the next step is to provide some config variables (like server name, world size, game rules, public server flag) to a script that modifies the configuration files. I'm already happy the server runs, so the generated server name 'ed037560592e' is fine for now :)

    In the end, I wanted to try exposing the server configuration interface with a VNC server (similar to this, where they run a Firefox container to which you can connect with VNC). But I guess the error that I encountered earlier means mono and .Net GUI libraries are incompatible so I wonder if that will ever be possible.

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