I like the idea of flags but I wouldn't want the nationality flags of earth. We are on another planet...I feel it would be more creative if they would implement a way to design our own flags. It could use dyes and you could save the pattern you make. Furthermore if they implemented this into the clothing where the tailor had the option to design the patterns for their clothing. It would give each clothing shop a uniqueness. You mean have paint? Yes I agree.. certain paint can be harmful to the environment and would give players more ability to balance the eco system... I believe this will already be implemented. It's very easy to do. Like fossil fuels? Or coal? Yea I agree... but I suspect this is already a planned goal... I wouldnt like this feature because it sounds like magic. I believe only people that are specialized in certain areas should Have certain knowledge. For instance someone skilled in lumber would have a better idea of the status of the trees. Someone who doesn't hunt wouldn't have knowledge of the rabbit population like a hunter would...but that's just my opinion..