IT does just the opposite. forcing me to use materials I don't want to use doesn't encourage coop playing. If I choose to be a mason, why would I WANT bricks or boards? why am I forced to have to use them? I really don't mind that as far as furniture and other incidentals. That's cool. so, as a mason, I can trade for wood to make chairs, beds and the like, but it should NEVER prevent me from advancing in the game and making what I want, if I want to. right now I just learned I need brick or lumber to make a factory so I can make a truck or other things. I can't because I built a huge 261 square mortared stone house/room and another 17 one, but now I have to either tear one down and build with brick or build a new one somewhere I didn't want to out of brick when I HAVE plenty of room already. I made my rooms big JUST so I wouldn't have to rebuild, not imagining you'd have out have a specific type of building out of specific material. absurd. Playing alone, as I am, all it means is I am now at a point I can DO NOTHING unless I tear down a big portion of my house and rebuild it or build another house that I should not need to since my current house is plenty big. As I said earlier, I can see having to go back and learn another skill tree, playing alone, to be able to build certain things, but not a house or shed totally unrelated to the machine I need to build. ANY form of shelter should work. wood, stone, mortared stone, brick, steel , whatever, should be fine for ANY building over ANY machine. AS it is, if you force people to have to spend time learning skills they don't want in order to get to the point they can learn the skill they want, they are not happy. Why can't I learn to make cars right up front while others are learning how to make the materials? Then by the time the materials become available, I have my factory all ready to go. Now I have to either learn the other skills myself or wait till someone else does. I cannot even START to learn a specific skill till I have mastered many other skills I don't want to learn and shouldn't need to. each skillset needs to be independent of each other in order for coop to work, not try to force the need by making irrational building requirements. see how that is more of a problem than a solution? I should be able to be a car manufacturer waiting only for someone to make steel and motors, or a windmill manufacturer waiting for others to provide materials I can use to make my specific skill sets thing. THAT's how people would and should work together, by having each thing require a skillset to build and people select what thing they are gonna be the supplier of. Not say oh, you can't build a machine shop in anything but a brick house. That's ludicrous. say as a machinist, I have ot wait for others to make the materials for that THING I am skilled at building, and likewise THEY have to come to ME for that thing, and can't make it themselves. right now things that should be a specific skill are learned automatically in general. THAT's what is killing coop play. each skillset should allow a person to make products others need, what world generator? I haven't seen any such thing I can access. That's my point. I am sure there is something in the background defining the world but it should be configurable in the game up front. I know I can walk about in the world, but I can't even pull a cart. THAT's my point. IF there were slopes all over a cart would work. no reason why it should not. Can't even imagine what happens when you get a truck. IT can't climb either, I bet. my trash is usually non-toxic items. so you are telling me that those blocks of trash that I have made out of the most innocuous things will pollute, no matter what unless I treat them as tailings? oh brother. how do I get tool tips to tell me what things are I run across in the world? Not even sure how to turn them on, assuming they are off. I made a soil sampler. don't know what it means. IF the soil is not perfect for a crop, what do I do? idk. if fertilizers worked, as you say, then maybe it would say needs potash or lime or whatever to raise ph or lower it, and what to do it with for each crop. as is, it is unworkable. I am playing 7.4.7 I see no way to update it nor any auto update. One of the reason I play computer games is so the computer does calculations for me. Especially as I said, when I have NO IDEA what is required or what is a good level of anything. I dont get that I am penalized for things I can't control. IF calorie consumption figures in somehow, what do I do if I can't make something efficiently? how do I even know if I am efficient or not. nothing says " you can make this, but you will have to eat ten steaks" or some such." What I Am saying is I have no idea how big teh space is required for a machine to fit in a room. assuming one block IS one meter I can get a rough idea, but how do I know of the program is figuring it using every possible configuration to account for the requirements. I mean does it count "free" spaces anywhere in the house or contiguous ones only? I can't tel what spaces current machines are "using" or counting in THEIR requirements, so how can I know what is available for a new machine? Thanks for responding.