Steel production started today. We are researching refining and industry which will be followed by electronics and computer lab. In the meanwhile, our most commonly used word by now is probably "stone". Having laid out plans for a 4 block wide asphalt road to go around the world (4000x asphalt road/ramps), I believe I have some stone mining to do. I am so far Level 3 on Cement production efficiency (oh and as a Chef I did take over our Mason's duties as he has been gone for a few days) so we are at least not depleting the world as we make our roads. And fortunately, we will have the powered cart running down and up the mine soon to make the work a tad bit easier. One of the out of town roads have been successful as we have speeded down 20x ramps for the pure joy of being at least 3 times faster than someone running without dragging a cart along, and we did transport 120x coal in one run to our neighbour Mazde29 whom we openly and freely trade things with. I have managed to take a lot more great screenshots found in link above (some of them absolutely gorgeous!) and I hope I get to find out what the other half of the game progression will be like.