So I did some research into the values that crops affect a block by. ( I have tested co-planting and crop rotating but no success as no matter how you do it, it's always a drain on the land. Beans do not offset it by enough to warrant doing this. I have large fields, over 200 blocks each. And i have 2x for each crop. I leave one Fallow for 24hrs whilst I use the other one then switch. But i have noticed that planting more than 1 yield of the crop within 24hrs drains the land so badly that it takes much longer to recover. Leading me to believe that large crop fields are not a good idea and that i should be using 10x fields for each crop but on a much smaller scale, planting in the next one as I harvest. For example - Wheat - Time to Maturity 4hrs (example) Plant in 8x8 Field, Harvest, Plant in next field. Do this 6 times to reach 24hrs to be able to go back to the original field and start again. Theoretically that would work but as we know maturity time is wildly different depending on conditions. Also i tried using Hide Ash Fertilizer on a fallow field i was leaving to recover and my result was that it affects the Base Values by the same as the tooltip. But in turn only changed predicted Nitrogen level by 1.9. --- Values before --- N - C25.6, P25.8, D0.5, B24 Ph - C51.7, P51.9, D0.5, B49.1 Pt - C50.5, P50.7, D0.5, B47.4 --- Values after 1x Hide Ash Fertilizer --- N - C25.6, P27.7, D0.5, B29 Ph - C51.7, P51.9, D0.5, B49.6 Pt - C50.5, P50.7, D0.5, B47.9 *** If anyone want to collaborate on my spreadsheet let me know and i can give you access to edit it ** :)