• RE: How to set up eco server / Quick Guide (Work in progress Guide!)

    @B-Bludlyne mhhh that odd .. not sure if its a port binding issue or if its an issue with the interface address that is causing the issue. I would need more info about what local ip interface the server tries to use or if its maybe a port issue where the port is already in use ( though i would have expected a more direct message for a port issue )

    I think discord would be the right place to help you via DM to get a more live support though

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  • RE: New dedicated server not showing up on browse list

    Make sure that in the Network.eco Configuration file that the RemoteAddress is set with the IP:Gameport (IP of the server they have you on and the Gameport assigned). Make sure that Description is the variable used for your Server name as the value in that field would be what shows up in the browser. If your looking in the "Recommended windows theh you may not see your own server depending on the playtime setting and server category in the Network.eco as well as a few other things where you may not have a high level to match your own server. The best what to check your server is to go to "Browser All" and in there bring up all servers and then sort by Age and you should see yourself in there for the age of your server which is the quickest way to look.

    My understanding is that most PingPerfect clients don't have direct access to the configuration files like other providers do but that you can access the config files (there are 17 if them https://gyazo.com/3e65374f17df7d2bbeafefb660265407) via FTP. You will probably want to get a copy of the most up to date configs to be working from as many providers do not have them up to date and they are not updated on install of the server. You can go to the Official Eco Discord and in the #Offciial-support channel they can help you get those for your use. The Network.eco shout look like this: https://gyazo.com/31c7205c8962b1930341d806c82a2559 .

    Some providers do block or overwrite the network.eco as it is where they set the IP and port they assign you and they do not want those changed by the server owner accidently as then they would conflict with other servers. That is not the case with all providers, a few do have another way to make sure that does not happen and do provide you with full access to all configuration files. I think those that do provide full access not that in their information in the Commercial Servers Section of this forum

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  • RE: creating with hamchi possible?

    Eco does not work well with Hamachi. A few Hamachi "experts" have reported that thy have done it and enabled connections that what but that its not always been very stable. The servers is very much set up to use port forwarding for internet connections and if you are all on a LAN then you could all connect to Eco easily with using hamachi. The problem is that using Hamachi to make Eco think its all a LAN connection posses issues.

    You have two options basically for hosting friends to play. One is if using Steam you can create a Eco Client world that sets up and allows players to connect to you using Steam Invite and Steam Join. The world would not be listed in the server browser so people would need to know when you are in the game playing and so they could use join or receive an invite from you through steam.

    The other option is to set up a dedi server either using the Server in the Tools Library or installing through SteamCMD. You will need access to your router and know how to port forward as well as the proper ways to configure your Firewall. If you all on on the same LAN (behind the same router) you should be then able to see the server without having to deal with router settings. But otherwise you would need to do this.

    The downside to running a residential server is the bandwidth you have an that often ends up giving you a poor experience for your players which leaves investigating a game server host.

    The Wiki has a good Server section about the different ways to set up the servers but other then one example we can not help with router or firewall setups as they are outside our support focus but you should be able to check your ISP support pages for how to do port forwarding if the allow that and your firewall software should have support pages for how to configure it.

    You can also get a bit quicker help with server setups in the #Official-Support channel in the Official Eco Discord.

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  • RE: ECO from website or Steam?

    I am sure it means, that as long as you sign into the Eco website with the game access, you can download it on your devices e.g. desktop and laptop.

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  • RE: Chat scrolling up randomly

    I've this happen as well, but this bug has been around for me since 6.X

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