Too many tables in a room that doesn't have any tables...

  • In a room I made to consolidate all the kitchen type stuff, I have a Mill, a Butcher's Table, a Stove, and 4 chests. Every chest says there are 7 tables in the room and there can only be a max of 2. I got this error right after setting down the Stove after everything else was in it and working fine. Even taking the stove out doesn't reset it now but if I remove everything and place the chests down with the Butcher's Table and Mill everything works fine. As soon as the Stove goes down it bugs out. The same thing happened with the Bakery Oven so I ended up creating a completely separate room for it and you access it via a doorway. I don't know if it's known or not but thought I should mention it. I was trying to wait for the Oct. 3 patch to see if it was fixed but it got too annoying to wait on. The 3rd can't get here fast enough!

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