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  • I am a real life biologist (forensic). I am wondering if my skills would be of any use in ECO? If so give me some information thanks -Jocelynn

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  • This game does not really reflect real life situation of biology and advancement of technology

    it does a poor job at representing good biological needs or wants, in real life all advancements of civilization came out of basic needs and wants.

    animals and people need food, water, shelter form elements or you die, to keep warm need burn wood, coal or create power, to heat shelters, if it is too hot people want AC, as population grows you need more food need more water need more shelters need more power - population is not static number. which requires further advancements in technology to help us use less resource form real world but at same time in increase output we get.

    instead they replicating this needs / survival system for each person or animal and then the advancement of technology for that goal, the game artificial goal of stopping the moon from falling into planet as reason for technology advancement, what they they need to do is add in a real survival system based on biologic needs.

    as of right now biologic needs play no role in the game. you cant die form third or hunger warmth or cold means nothing.and there no growing of population or citizens of the planet.

    at least form question I have asked form people going game play walk through.

    I mean you cant even drown in this game can live underwater you do not even need O2 to live so you could setup all your housing and live completely under water at this point which people do in there game play walk through

    if you play game like most people and run your own server take moon falling event out of the game there no need o build anything or to even kill anything none at all, so there no biology needs assessment in this game really.

  • My understanding is that the first pass at biology is intended as part of the next patch.
    This will likely require significant tweaking and that could benefit from a free biology consult. One of the core goals of this game is to reflect an ecosystem, thus the name Eco.

  • Here is what I kind of wish they would do with the human race in the game.
    make humans need biological resources and make them and us mortal....

    I do not know about you but humans we need Air Food, and water along with shelter form elements or we die!

    add NPCs and Family's to game, so when we die we take over as your children.

    make it so we are no longer vampires, that gain in level from sucking off life of everything around us - = AKA sucking life out of everything gives us more skill points faster over time. increase your super levels of Efficiency at everything we do.

    I just ate 90 slabs of elk meet and 40 shrubs just to get faster skill point multiplayer then logged off to gain my levels..

    If they change humans from vampires to being real humans that be the first step in right direction.

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