Governments and towns areas of control question ?

  • I was reading the info about game and was wondering just how this works.

    lets say 4 people create a town and then 5 other people create there own town also so there is two towns in the world to keep things simple do both groups of people get to set there own laws for there own areas zones of control and if so how do you establish a governments zone of control ?

    is it based by buildings or markers. ?

    exactly how does this system work ?

    what if one group of people want to protect something but other group do not, can you create a zone of protection in one area and not in anther area ?

    if you and your friends are able to setup area zone with laws to forbid stuff is there way to keep other players form moving in from anther town and taking over by votes and then redefining the laws so forth ?

    how does the whole government system and laws so forth work ?

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