[Suggestion] Powered Mine Shaft Elevators


    So I have been mining on my island but I have the problem of certain ores are at different altitudes in the same area and to mine them I need multiple layers in my mines. My current way I have solved this issue in my mine is I have dug a hole from my upper mine, which has iron, down to my main mine, which I use for mining coal and stone, then I move it from the drop spot to the to the chest next to my bloomery. This whole process makes me use up more energy than if I only had to shovel the ore one. My idea is to have mine shaft elevators added to the game.

    The purpose for these machines would be to make it easier to move large amounts of materials vertically without need a bunch of ramps and teraforming to make a path for carts or walking up and down stairs with one ore at a time. These could even be used to allow players to build a house on top of a mountain and move materials to the bottom to meet with roads that might be closer to the bottom instead of a large road network that could potentially harm the environment.

    The way you would place them is over either a pre existing hole or you could set a target altitude for it to go down and it would clear that out. When cleared out it could transfer the stone and dirt into the storage of the machine but ores would be destroyed or turned to stone to prevent people from exploiting it (There would be limits to how far you could tell it to initially clear out. Maybe modules could be made to allow it to go further)

    • If your mine is large enough you could possibly add stops (in the form of modules to the machine itself or place them along the shaft) to allow you to have multiple leveled mines and with these stops it would allow you to clear out another distance below it for the elevator to move like when you originally placed it.

    When activated it will send the cart up or down depending on its position or command given at a stop and bring the contents with it. when moving it would cost fuel. I am thinking with the basic elevator would use coal to power a motor to move it where the advanced elevator would use gasoline

    To get to use these you would have to put points into the 2nd tier skill of the mining tree called Mine Elevators

    • This skill would require you to have level 2 Vehicle Construction (costs 10 points)
    • level 1 of the skill costs 10 and unlocks the Basic Elevator (large and small)
    • level 2 of the skill costs 25 and unlocks the Advanced Elevator (has only one size but can be upgraded to carry more with a module)

    The basic elevator would look something like this:
    gold-silver-mine-shaft-head-frame-vintage-wooden-north-star-tonopah-nv-32819564.jpg gold-silver-mine-shaft-head-frame-vintage-wooden-desert-queen-tonopah-nv-32819579.jpg

    • The small elevator would be 2 wide, 4 long, 6 tall and when placed will create a 2x2 hole, will be highlighted when being placed, and will dig out up to 10 blocks down (you would not be able to ride this one but it can would have a storage of 5000 like a workbench)
    • The large elevator 4 wide, 6 long, 10 tall and when placed will create a 2x3 hole, will be highlighted when being placed, and will dig out up to 15 blocks down (with this one I think there would be room for a player maybe two to fit and be able to move up and down with the cart and have a storage of up to 5000 like a workbench)
    • the cart space of the large elevator is split into the standing area and storage area. 2x1 of this space is open for players to stand the other 2x2 is filled in by the storage space
    • The small elevator would cost 60 lumber and 10 iron bars
    • The large elevator would cost 100 lumber and 25 iron bars

    The Advanced Elevator would look something like this

    • The Advanced Elevator would be 5 wide, 8 long, 15 tall and when placed will create a 3x3 hole, will be highlighted when being placed, and will dig out up to 20 blocks down (will be highlighted when being placed) (additional depths from "stops" stops would be up 10 deep)
    • The Advanced Elevator carts would be split into the standing area and storage area. 1x3 is standing area (allowing for 3 players to ride the elevator) and the other 2x3 is storage area
    • The Advanced Elevators can hold up to 7500 but with modules up to 10,000
    • The Advanced Elevators cost 100 steel and 20 concrete

    Notes: If there area issues with riding the objects then maybe you have it so you can ride in the elevator like you get in one of the carts so it keeps you with it

    My in game name is Scylon

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