Anybody else having trouble with flying vehicles?

  • Greetings everyone,

    So here is what is going on for my friends and myself;
    About half the time we use the road network built on our map, always in the same spots in the road, something funky happens to our vehicles.
    Generally it does not happen to empty vehicles as in not hauling any cargo, but I can't say with complete certainty that it doesn't happen to those either. With loaded vehicles it usually happens, that they decide to fly off as if hit by an animal, even though no animal is there at that point in time, or suddenly tip to the side and sink into the ground as if half the vehicle suddenly had no more ground below it.
    This usually means landing somewhere halfway around the Planet, which is a much stronger reaction than being hit by a Bison or Deer, and having to find your way back in some way or form which is quite frustrating. It also happened that you get kicked out of the vehicle and it shoots off into the ocean, making it hard to salvage it and the materials that were being hauled.
    As mentioned earlier this happens usually in one of three spots indifferent from which direction you come from or what you do in that spot though all places concerned are spots where you need to turn to keep on the road.

    So my question is, is anybody else experiencing this? Anybody got any tips for myself, apart from starting a completely new map and throwing away all progress made.

    And for your amusement and reference two images:

    Truck in Tree.PNG
    Stuck in the ground.PNG

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