Eco Concrete - Cement + Tailings

  • After digging around and realizing that there were a lot of complaints on how to deal with the huge amounts of tailings, as as well as the fact that there seems to be a rather huge amount of ores to process, and that the reduction of tailings doesn't actually work...I needed a solution. When I used the blast furnace to process ore, it would say 20 bars are made for 40 ore at max efficiency. However - it still made 20 tailings.

    So to make use of all of this waste I now introduce Eco Concrete, the product of mixing cement with tailings which, in real life would make the chemicals in tailings inert and safe to use in construction. This is a real life means of handling the waste as making huge caverns underground and living on massive piles of tailings is kinda .. yeah.

    To use this - download the file via the link below and then copy it into the game folder at:

    Single Player with Server launched from in game: \Eco\Eco_Data\Server\Mods\AutoGen\Recipe
    Multiplayer Server: \Eco Server\Mods\AutoGen\Recipe\


    Coming Soon:

    • Tailings produced when raw ores are separated into pure ore and tailings which produce more metal when fired and 0 slag. Unseparated ores don't produce tailings, but take longer to process producing more air pollution and producing less metal and producing slag as well.
    • Slag is a non-polluting dirt block with the same model as tailings but with a darker shade. (I'm not sure how I'm going to do this yet, but thats the plan)
    • Possibly: Burning tailings in a blast furnace to produce slag as an inert chemical free version (chemicals are burned off) but takes a long time, producing air pollution in the process.

    Enjoy! Let me know your thoughts and feedback - and I'll keep bringing more mods to the table for players to enjoy!

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