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    I had a look at the roadmap, and I gotta say, every single feature listed as planned looks absolutely amazing and stunning. I can't wait to see how this game develops. Me and my friends picked it up the other day after trying it and finding just how amazing it already is. Anyway, to the point;

    On the roadmap, I noticed that there's no plan for making weather a thing in the game. I feel like weather, whilst not necessary for the core gameplay, could massively deepen the experience for players. Plants needing a lot of water? Put them in an area where it rains a lot. Dumping pollutants into the sea? Uh oh, they were swooped up with the condensation and is now raining down all over the planet. Yes, implementing all of the different, complicated effects weather could have on the world would be a difficult project, but oh my goodness would it add to immersion and depth.

    That's my two cents at least. What do you guys think?

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