Eco Launch

  • Hey guys! Me and my team have been working on a program to help maintain eco servers for people running the servers from VPS hosting or from their own computers! this program will not work with ping perfect or other dedicated server hosting services,

    The current abilities this software can perform are limited but we have massive plans for progression!

    This is a free software and there will be no purchasable content at this time, we are working on a place for this to be downloaded from safely,

    Current Abilities this software contains,

    • Web Integration - You can connect this with a web page and allow others to restart the servers if you are not about! this feature also has Steam login ability for a more secure way! - this is an advanced level feature!
    • Maintains a Server that has crashed - if your server crashes for whatever reason it will reboot the server, if it crashes to many times in a row it will stop the server from starting until the problem is fixed
    • Scheduled restarts! - You can set times for the servers to restart, as many as you want, each input is by time frame, more will be included in the download!
    • Multiple instances can be ran - have more then one server? its fine! you can run this program to manage them all!
    • Safe Server Shut down! - the Eco Server Console has input abilities, if you input "exit" onto the console it will safely save the world and then shut down the servers! this program runs its own console for the Eco server and will maintain safe server shutdowns on each restart as well as when you close down the server! this has helped minimise rollbacks all the way down to 1 minute maximum rollback time!

    Current plans.
    there are a few features on this software that will be noticed which are currently not active but are in the process of!
    Such being,

    • Discord integration! - using a discord bot to restart the servers by authorised person.
    • SteamCMD - This section is used to download server updates and update the servers!

    these features are a work in progress and there is no given times on when they will be available!

    More information will be available on our website! Also a work in progress!
    As soon as it is ready for download i will post another comment on this post!
    You Can also post issues and suggestions in relation to it, here:

    Thanks! The Aussie 24/7 Team.

    The Aussie 24/7 Server Admin.

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