[Server Bug] An item with the same key has already been added.

  • http://pastebin.com/4nzHkCYM

    Description of the issue: The issue can occur at any moment, however you will not be known of its existence until your server crashes or you attempt to reboot. It will stop your server starting. This means that there is a significant chance that all of backups either generated by yourself or the server are inherently bugged. (I've had backups up to 12 hours prior be useless, initially)
    OS: Windows server 2012 R2

    Further research and half-assed solution:
    The error itself can be found in several users in your server, it seems one user is not capable of having "Same key" issues. This means that at least two users in your server are causing this bug. I have not gone as far as figuring out what that specific key is, due to my sanity not allowing it.

    Open the "Users.eco" file with Winrar (probably 7Zip) and essentially you will have to start culling the population until the server no longer throws the error. From there you add users back and attempt to mark who or what creates a new issue.
    Red marked names are hold the faulty key

    After this I mix and matched to see if any of these faulty key users could be in the server together. (Who knows, maybe there are several different duplicate keys) So you spend time testing that too.
    Nope.. Every user shared the same Duplicate key error or even worse multiple faults

    At this point you can delete all the faulty users or keep 1 faulty user standing (you will have to delete next server restart though, don't know why, but its a thing). Your server will run fine again, the deleted players will however all have lost their inventory.. And deeds unless they were put in a chest.

    I've been forced to wipe the server several times at dismay of the players. It is inherently impossible to actually run a semi populated server due to this issue. It's crazy... Final note is that obviously due to the nature of the bug, you will likely end up doing this EVERY SINGLE TIME reboots or crashes. Have fun!

    One last edit, obviously.. I cannot recommend deleting player files, as I have no clue how they are linked with for example world objects. So you might just create bigger issues down the road, I for myself really wanted to keep this world going so this is the path i took.

    List of fun things that break

    • Players who got their files deleted can no longer use /reopen, they can however use their building as if it was theirs.


    Lets play some Eco @ Worldofeco.net

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  • partially fixed this, at least to where it shouldn't crash the server and will just report the error. Will be in alpha 3

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