Multiple different governments in the same world?

  • Having read through some of the stories, it seems like an interesting recurring theme is that when one or more players want to deviate from what the rest of the community wants laws are enacted to put a stop to it, but I haven't really read about the cases where a player refuses to follow the law. I'm curious then, as a social experiment, what would happen if a server was established to have a kind of Monarchy situation where the people have no voting rights (if that is even possible), and in such a scenario could enough players ever ignore the laws? Although, when you think about it, democracy really is the greatest form of tyranny because a minority group can easily be unrepresented regardless.

    Beyond that, it would be interesting to see a group of players rebel against their government and establish a new government territory. For example, one group makes a single monetary system and then another group agrees on a different currency. Just like real life.

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