• I really think that Strange Loop Games needs to run the servers for this game
    The reason being is that I have been on a couple of servers already and
    I am getting any where from a 500 to 700 ms latency.

    And before you try and blame the issue with my connection there is
    no issues with my connection I am on a high speed connection and
    doing speed tests and pulling like 3 - 5 MB / S my connection is fast.

    I also work in the computer industry and I am a trained Network admin
    as well and know that there could be an issue with the route that
    is being taken from my ISP to the server so i did a trace route
    to the server and there was no issues up to the server.

    I think there are some of these servers which are being hosted
    on poor connections and sub standard equipment which is
    causing these issues.

    Also I don't believe that it is fair that simply because you may want
    to do one thing and the person that runs the server wants you
    to do something else so they ban you and you lose everything.

    I have run across that as well some of these "admins" and I use
    that term loosely have no clue on how to properly deal with people
    or run a server.

    I believe that the servers should be run by Strange Loop Games and
    a professional staff that knows what they are doing.

    Fine you want to run your own server that is fine but the main servers
    for this game should be run by Strange Loop games and we should not
    have to rely on others who have little to no knowledge on how to run
    a server properly.

    Also with all of these small servers the population is WAY too small
    where you are getting one or two people on and no one to interact

    Please setup your own servers Strange Loop Games and professionally
    host and run them.

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