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  • I've been poking around on the Web Portal page for a personal server. Is there a way for me to filter the graphs by individual players? Or is it just "humans" as a whole? For example, is there a way for me to see how many skills player X has learned in a period of time?

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  • Hi,

    I'm not sure if you can do this with the pre-made graphs in the web interface. What you can do is can use the Eco API to do what you want.

    They do seem to work on a fresh local server just fine but return a value of 0 on my hosted server but it probably just has to be wiped.

    One thing you could try is just getting the playerstats, for example: http://SERVER_IP:PORT/api/v1/analysis/playerstats/USERNAME?startDay=7&endDay=14

    You will get a JSON encoded response back containing a list of the specified player's stats and one of those is Learn Skill which will say something like "Summary": "learned 78 skill points".

    That might not be exactly what you're looking for. If you want individual skills you can query them with the dataset/get API operation by sending a JSON encoded dataset like so:
    ["Humans","USERNAME","Learn Skill", "Surivalist"]
    ["Humans","USERNAME","Learn Skill", "Surivalist","Basic Crafting"]

    To view the API documentation you can go to http://SERVER_IP:PORT/swagger

  • Excellent, thank you. I"ll put together a GUI for this. Looking forward to spending some time with the API.

  • Is there documentation on the API for the Server Web Page somewhere? If not, could you point me to the services files and I can puzzle them out from there?


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