SAVAGE Playground

  • **The SAVAGE Playground is brought to you by Team SAVAGE. We're a sister gaming community that has come to ECO Global Survival!

    **About us We're a group of hardcore Survival gamers, we play and manage a well known and popular ARK Survival Evolved server and are joined up with other gaming communities to share our servers and games to the public. We have over a decade of experience in online games, management, and public relations. And we're here to share our ECO server with you.

    Host Name: SAVAGE Playground [3x] [NO Meteor]
    Size: 1km2
    Increased wild Vegetation rates and spawning

    Our server is a 3x Skill rate server, with the Clay's Tool Kit Mod. We'll be switching to 5.6 once it's fully released.

    Our community has grown to 20 active-population in less than 24 hours. Hope to see you online!

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