Stretch Goal - Spending Public Funding

  • It has already been stated that taxes can be used to appoint agents to carry out public works projects. Included in this, I believe, should be the option to appoint an agent to research a certain technology with research grants. On completion, a knowledge object should be given to all people who currently have a say in the government. Maybe funds earned from trying to sell this object should go straight to the government? Another interesting form of public works would be environmental restoration projects like replanting trees, setting up reservations for endangered species, combating water pollution, etc.

    Actually, with the zoning system, game reservations could totally be a thing, right? For example, killing certain species inside of it would be illegal regardless of your current quota. And if pvp justice systems make it in, players could place a steeper penalty on poaching inside of a game reserve!

    Also, I would like to propose giving players the option not to appoint an agent, and instead create a public contract like the ones that players can create. Then whoever feels fit to do the work can try. Players should be able to vote on the time limit, funds, and penalty for failure.

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  • Another interesting option for public works projects would be instituting a biding functionality, where a project is posting and multiple 'contractors' would privately post the price they would charge and then the government could decide who the bid goes to based on the price. This is how most municipalities here in the USA handle private contractors and it would certainly be an interesting addition to the game.

  • Yeah, but in the game, will the contractor be able to botch is job or charge for unpredicted cost? Because, that's what they do in real life. They bet the lowest price and Win the bet. X(
    After that they give Brown envelop to make the pill pass.

    Just saying that this system May work better in game then in real life! :))

  • Regarding complex contract work with bidders and what not, remember that we know absolutely nothing about the scale of the game yet (structure and community wise). It's entirely possible that there won't be a server large enough to even have multiple, eligible contractors most of the time.

  • Its true it will take a larger server to support these kind of things but I love all these ideas, agents and bidding systems would be a great way to figure out how taxes should be spent. The agent one will probably be the easiest to start, basically taxes for a given project end up in someone's pocket and they have authority to spend it. Policing that they do so correctly will be another ball of wax, but also interesting.

    The auto-contract idea is a great one also.

  • I am assuming stretch goals will still be added even though its goal is not reached? Just at an undefined time after public release?

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  • @Metrotyranno I'm curious about that as well. Or maybe a second Kickstarter to expand the game in the future? I for one would love to see the space exploration aspect come in, but doubt that there would be 700k raised in time. (although, who knows? It might!)

  • ohh and dont forget =P we should have a chance to create a Absolute monarchy, Anarchy , Communist , Democracy ,Dictatorship or other political system, that would be funn =P

  • It wouldn't be absolute though if the players can vote to change it. Or will that be a server setting possibility?

  • From my understanding the government systems can change as the game progresses, and it can't be limited to just one type. But maybe I'm wrong?

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