[Server Suggestion] Server Commandline Interface (And other minor Server features)

  • From a server admin viewpoint, a commandline option for ECO would be nice.
    Commandline interfaces give some very nice advantages over GUI
    When running Servers I like being able to run them on a Core Mode Server, because:

    • It is less overhead
    • Allows for scripting
    • Can be run on a core Server/Server without GUI (Much more stable and less resources used, OS-Wise)

    Is this a planned feature?

    Also the minor following features would be nice:

    • The ability to bind the listeners to specific IP's/ports
    • Make ServerWatcher.exe and Server.exe background processes and optionally show them
    • Exporting/Importing settings from a .txt file or something like that

    (I'm running the server exe on Windows Server 2012 R2, no issues so far! ~2H uptime)

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  • hey. good feedback =)

    btw since you run windows server ( like i do ). i like to make all my games servers into a service =)
    and build my own gui app for users to update and start /stop those server ..

    so if you ever want to make all your game server into a service then you can buy something that is called FireDaemon .. its a really nice application for creating services from applications.
    just a small tip ;)

    btw i move this to Ideas and feedback since its not a bug report =)

  • "btw i move this to Ideas and feedback since its not a bug report =)"

    Yes please do. I clicked new post under bug reports and wasn't sure it would post there, or my current directory. Hint: It's not the current directory :P

    Another good reason for a commandline tool! I do run my servers as a service, and make my own tools and interfaces based on the commandline.
    I'll look into FireDeamon, looks usefull.

    If a CLI is released i'm making a powershell module and probably some type of remote management WebGUI.

  • Should also point out that a command-line interface is essential for Linux machines. I note that the server doesn't officially support Linux (and indeed it doesn't work there) yet, but almost all Linux servers are running without a GUI. It's an unnecessary overhead in a production environment.

  • Yes that is something that we will definitely need to do as we build the linux server. Good list of features, thanks for the feedback.

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