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  • Hello to all the players, devs and other staff,

    At first the game looks great from what i have seen on youtube and screenshots, also the type of gameplay is a nice choice something completely new for me. (the eco system)

    Now you have read the title of my post, and am not the first one that says someting about the price, 40 bucks for a early acces game? i have read the reactions that you guys try to sort out the casual player vs the player that really wants to help with testing / errors and bug. What i can understand. But from my part its a bit strange... i buy a few EA games that interests me because i like to help out the devs, and more importent i like to play the game at a stage thats not complete, so you can find bugs and report them. It's one big puzzle game, if you find a bug! can you duplicate it, and so how ? and if you start a new save file will that same bug come along. Thats the most fun for me as a EA game supporter / player.

    As for me (and i think more ppl are with me) i dont have any problems to put in time, find bugs, make a bug report. But to do that you need a key, 40 bucks for me euros ok its money but still. This game you need to play with more ppl so i need to buy atleast 2 keys so also for me for the fun but also becuse its part of the gameplay. So 2 times 40 buck = 80 bucks wait there is a option to buy 2 for 70 so i pay 35 a key ^^. ok now i can play and test the game my self and get help / support from my wife, friends or daughter sometimes.

    But now the other part... i need to pay 70 buck becuse i like to find bugs, and help out a EA game. The time is no problem becuse of my health i can do much on a day so i have a few hours a day to spare. But that a side i think it helps if the price drops a bit, so that more ppl can help you guys out.

    I keep follow you guys and the game i see a great potential.

    Greetzzz snakedoc

    A little late but happy 2017

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  • Hey Snakedoc!

    As a tester myself i sort of know what you mean. They do want to sort out the players but imo that's not even the reason for having a high price. I'm going to be honest here; this is probably one of the biggest EA games out there that is probably 70% functional in all it's ways.

    Sure, it is EA after all, there are bugs. But i've been playing for almost a week now and even i am still discovering new things on a daily basis just because the game is that big already. The main issue about youtubers is: they play the game too casually. Most likely you've watched guys play for the first time and (unfortunately) also play alone instead of on a public server / with other guys (preferably atleast 5-10 active ppl).

    The game comes alive once you join a public server. I've been on one now and i literally spend 2 IRL days building a huge road through mountains and such to reach one guy so we are all connected to each other. Like half of the active community even participated in building the road and eventually we're all glad it's there because we can drive around with our powered cars through the mountains. :)
    There are a lot of citizens who just join for once, don't even say "Hi" in chat and probably leave within 10 minutes. But once you get a small community going you can divide jobs; one can be the cook, one can do the woodcutting, the other can do the smelting, he can do the farming (all do bugged...),... it goes on and on. THIS is what ALREADY is in the current alpha, and suprisingly enough most of it works properly! We have at least 5 - 6 people having a completely different job on our server and together we cooperate to gain more research for better skills and create things together. We also have two small cities going on - me being the 'mayor' of the biggest one and we just started building a road to the other to city to connect even more people.

    Thing is it also focuses towards realism so you have to watch things like overhunting, pollution, extinction of plants, tree population,... so you must change your gameplay constantly to the changing stats of your server's ecosystem to preserve all life. We have a wolf population of 15 (which is very low). With an active community of 5 - 6 people you could easily extinct them in one day - so we made a law: don't hunt wolves! I'm also about to make a law so everyone cuts down their tree stumps so trees will continue to grow on their own. Game is rather complex as it is - once you get the hang of it everything falls in place.

    This is just that kind of game that you simply don't play on yourself or with your best friend. Go out there! Find a nice server, say hi, stay and build a nice hut - build a city, have an amazing time. I'm already making new friends here, so should you! I'm 100% advising you to do so to get the fullest out of Eco. After all, if you really don't like the price you can find others to do a group purchase because the bundle is cheaper / person. Again a good way to make new friends and start the game properly. :)

    See ya in-game!


  • Hey Freds00n!

    Great reply and a good post, i see your points and i think you are right at some points. And the point off finding a group for a cheaper key is maybe a good idea i will keep my eyes open and ask around. Maybe time to send a mail to strangeloopgames for a free key haha

    Maybe let me know what server you are on so if i get the change to login and take a look at the game i can see what you mean on your world / planet.

    even if the youtubers does not play that much, it looks very interesting. Its so strange that kind of ppl buy a game and play it 4 a 8 hours and afther that.... There not touching it any more maybe a 4 or 8 hours at the final edition. But am happy there support the devs with buying the game.

    again thanks for your reaction and your point of view, have a nice day. Snakedoc

  • very few youtubers play eco because no one is getting free keys. eco is not ready for the huge masses quite yet. The idea is to have a small group of dedicated people giving feedback and seeing the development to the end. therefore the game cost 40$ right now. its kind of to scare away people that buy cheap EA games. give it a bad review and never touch it again ... this is the same reason eco is not on steam yet.. eco needs to have some workin core system and be a bit more polished before its ready. It still needs support though via feedback , testing and some people even help out coding and improving with the dev tier the game code

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