A list of things...

  • Hi... I started playing ECO few days ago and here is a list of things I wish to be fixed/upgraded/promoted/changed ...

    1. Deeds:
      Everytime I build something - I gain a deed. Okay fair enough. I have no access to paper, pen but deed ... here it is. Got one cart that I placed several times - now I have 3 chests full of deeds.
      Should it stack and overwrite? That's an idea

    2. Skill Tree:
      For me? I find it difficult to operate with Your skill tree.
      I have to move either left or right, up or down at the same time.
      Should be like google map, or a skill tree from RPG...
      Example no1: http://www.geek.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/civbe_techweb.jpg
      I must have an option to scroll it, minimise/enlarge.
      Also why the window is so small? Make it bigger -> easier to operate.

    3. Eco wiki
      So many questions that are unanswered. Some answers that are wrong because they are outdated.
      Finding something in ECOwiki is quite hard. I have to use Forums, Wiki, Youtube guides, to ask other people if I want to find what I want.

    4. Carts
      I've read about here on forum Someone mentioned and yes, he is right. Using carts may be problematic. Flying carts, carts which can't move properly. With this point I can only bump that problem up, because I know that You are aware of this.

    5. Disappearing items.
      Used hammer on my two workbenches. Now I have one.
      Used hammer on several chests. Now I have one less.
      Same goes for the road ramps. I had 4, used hammer... now I have 1.
      Fix, please.

    6. Chat.
      Sometimes it works properly, sometimes it doesn't.
      I simply have to reopen it to see another messages. So if im talking actively with someone I have to reopen chat dozen of times to see if another player have replied to what I said.

    7. Eelks hunting.
      I killed three.
      Looted 1st. Disconnected.
      Looted 2nd. Disconnected.
      There is no body of 3rd.

    Sometimes I shoot arrows animals in the face and they just ignore them.

    1. FPS
      Do not know. Is there a command to show FPS?
      This game eat RAM almost like modded Minecraft.
      7gb RAM used and I am not even in a city... just a simple village with several buildings.

    With FPS lose hunting is pointless.
    I lose spirit when i have such FPS drop. I aim and shoot and the animal already moved, because it takes me so long without 30 fps.

    Luckily I do not need to hunt frequently, althought this issue may enrage me one day.

    1. Trees spawn
      Oh cool those trees are spawning nearby. So cool.
      My cart cannot ride over them. It gets stuck, because whole tree have smaller width/height but it takes whole 1 meter square by itself.
      Ok fine, lets just simply cut it.
      Damn. I can't cut small tree, because a small tree is just like a fully growned tree which may have over 20 logs in it, even if it just sprouted. So I have to aim very Very vEry veRy verY VEry vERy veRY VerY... VERY carefully to have a chance to pick all those logs.

    You know what, You stupid tree. I am gonna dig below You. What You gonna do? Humph? Flying oh gez.
    Ok, another shot, I am gonna cover You in a pile of dirt. That will definitely help.
    <24 hours have passed>
    Fcuk You tree! Now I am gonna cut You down! xD xD xD

    1. Backpack
      What's the point of having backpack if You can only lift 20kg in it? Which is the same amount I hold on my quik cast bar.
      So I can have 16 deeds in my backpack and it's full, but 40 boards is the same?
      Craft rack backpack -> upgrade -> I can carry more.

    2. New Skills:
      I cannot use my cart everywhere, so I still have to move around on my feet.
      I wish I could improve movement with skill points so I get

    • Faster movement
    • Faster movement wih carts (Stronger)
    • Higher Jump
    • Ability to carry more (who needs a new backpack now?)
    1. Store and splitting up items.
      I simply do not understand how it works.
      I choose an item I wish to sell. I stock it in stock and... it looks like I want to sell a stack of items while I want to sell one item each time someone click buy. Confused.

    I tried to split up items, but it shows scale from 0 to 100, and I want to split 10 logs.
    Doesn't work.

    1. Min/Max button
      So I want to craft something, there is a plus, minus, i can write an amount. What if I keep making mistakes, should I simply click plus/minus button dozen of times?
      With button max I could do it with just a simple click.
      With min button I could undo that.

    2. Underwater construction/action perform
      Why is it forbidden? There is no oxygen system, so I can swim all the way, I can walk underwater all the time. Why I cannot perform action or construct anything underwater?

    3. Fuel doesn't mean storage?
      I hammered a campfire with fuel in it.
      I got campfire item, but logs I used for fuel are gone.

    4. Skill point increase.
      It is low at the beggining of the game.
      Perhaps a number of quests which completion would grant an additional skillpoints?

    • cut 3 trees
    • kill 3 animals
    • build this/that
    • acquire a skillbook (specified or unspecified)
    • create advanced item (prepared meat, door ecc)
    • reach your skillpoint gain to 50/100...

    Huh. That's all for today I think.
    This list may be larger or smaler at some point.
    Thank You for reading the whole list. I am waiting for reply.

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  • A number of these are confirmed bugs.

    We, the players, are the ones who need to update the wiki. My computer broke so I never was able to work on the food parts of the wiki back in 4th.

    What you eat matters. You should be able to get 62 points per day immediately by eating the right foods. I'll have to confirm that sometime, but my food calculator I'm working on states that I can immediately, from the start of the game, get 62 points per day by eating 1 items.

  • "We, the players, are the ones who need to update the wiki."

    Sure, but that doesn't explain the fact that game doesn't have tutorial.

    "What you eat matters."

    What doest the quality, or advanced created food have effect on skill points increase?
    Is it just nutrition - fat, protein, vitamin, carbon relation or also an advacement of created food in effect? (like eating raw sausage vs simple beet)

  • Usually there's a getting started guide. I recall someone was working on one in the wiki during 4th and Nes is working on one for 5th. I have to give him my food info cause he had asked.

    It's easiest to say it's a bit of everything. But it's a formula that takes the average nutrients from everything currently within your stomach and totals them up to get your skill points per day as well as the bonus modifier. This means that something with high nutrients is "usually" better, but that having balanced nutrients for the bonus multiplier matters as well.

    Created foods have better averages (generally speaking.) So for an example from my spreadsheet, eating (only) raw beans will give you 62.5 points per day. Eating other raw foods in addition to that will make your points per day go down since it lowers the average and bonus.
    However, campfire stew on it's own will give you 225 per day.

  • Almost everything you mentioned has been known for a long time now. The chat bug is the most annoying out of all of them and that alone has been known since day one, which still isn't fixed. As for the skill tree screen limitation, you can resize the window and it will remember the size and position. It doesn't show any cursor for it being movable/sizable but you can resize it :)

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