5.1 ECO new Bugs, old Bugs and Quality of life problems included with screen shoots.

  • so trying out world generation whit the default settings
    50,50 water level 25 and height 100

    i even bumped it up to 60 by 60 seems like unless you have it generating world size of 100,100 you do not get much in shape of trees or jungles on 50 by 50 and 60 by 60 be enough trees maybe for two people three people probably be pushing it.

    giant open areas with no trees and all trees be in one general area that one person take up majority of whit there first 10 zones.

    what it did seem to fix is mini map,, I have not had issue with mini map sense 5.1 so far..

    even with resting the server five times and regenerating the world.

    the performance for this game is alot better with the new default of 50,50 world size map height is bit high for world this small but like i stated above biggest issue is tree population it just dose not happen on smaller worlds much at all.

    the five times i regenerate world not once did a jungle area appear.

    anyways what did seem to get fixed is the mini map and there was good amount of performance pick up.

    editing to add more issues below


    I put 1 point into carpentry but research tree says i have zero points in it and it did not unlock anything.


    can not use logs in fire place any more ?


    Issue with placing stairs, it use to be that when you where carrying something like stairs you could see how they where going be placed and you could rotate them no longer, now i cant see how there going be placed and i cant rotate them to position them how i want them placed.

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  • So this might be why my world has 0 huckleberries, Elk and Wolf after 12 hours? It might not of even had any to start, I just checked because were need huckleberries to advance farming and could not find any. Is there a way to fix this without us losing our progress?

  • yah if u incress the world size back to 100 by 100 or over it populates right but anything under and it just pops out with way population stuff works.. most of the worlds i generated had zero of alot of things right form the start.

    if you put in 100 by 100 or higher you will get a performance hit and server crashes at least crashes on things worlds larger and off numbers like 127 by 127

    same with numbers below 100

    ideal size is 50 by 50 or 45 by 45 with height of 60 65 70 you get best performance rating but not every thing will spawn in the world. probly get like 10k corn flowers and 2 blue berry if that weird stuff like that 5k elk and 0 buff and 2 wolfs with 10k rabbits

  • Thank you for the help, So for our first run we want everything to work. So should I set it to 100, 100?

  • yah just play with the numbers but performance be bit on sluggish side.. also i ran into issues with mini map take longer to load with the map size increasing.

    also i ran into sound issues with increased map size not sure why that happened ? now all of a sudden my sound when i level up is crackly and sounds like its going blow out the speaker but its only after resting server many times and only after increasing size of the world.. i kinda wish they put in a new lower pitch sound or maybe just remove sound for leveling up all to gather not really needed. not sure if sound is issue that develops over time with 5.1 sound systems or what.

  • any one have any word if stairs bug issue is going to be fixed ? it is pretty annoying bug

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