[Feedback] Workflow not seamless

  • The Workflow of gaming isnt smooth enought.

    The big cut of it is the "modes" between UI and Game.
    If i open a cheast or Workbench or something like this, it should open automaticaly the "ui-mode" and if i press ESC, the Chest or Workbench or whatever should be closed and not open another config menu.

    So if closed the "thing" i should be automaticaly in "game"-mode. So its normal in any game.

    There should be a small crosshair so i can see where i am building walls, or things at all, i had to destroy lot of walls by building my small root for the workbench.

    Starting as a new player is hard, because its not easy to find the skilltree.
    and also its hard to get started at all, because if i put the first skills as it would be logical, i cant do anything.
    so may be more help in what i have to skill. well, if i hover over the whole skills in first line, its simple to get it, what to skill, but a hint for that, would be nice, so its better, more easy to start the first steps instead of frustrate the player to give up the game.

    thats it from me for now.

    goin further testing now :-)

    but anyways, goot job till now!

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  • We agree that the switching between mouse and the "game"-mode needs a lot of work. The closing of menus with escape and accessing common menus through hotkeys (ie M for map, I for inventory, etc) is definitely something we'll be doing, however I can't say exactly when.

    As for world interaction, that's something that gets iterated and changed a lot. We used to have a much more intrusive cursor, but we found it extremely irritating when attempting to do normal tasks. What we have definitely isn't final and we're planning on having a "ghost" image of the blocks you're placing similar to that of workbenches in the future.

    Once again you're right about the skills menu: it's very difficult to find and skilling the 'correct' thing for a solo player can be difficult without reading the tooltips. I definitely agree we could add some guidance here so that players might be able to get into the game faster. However the game isn't really intended to be played by yourself and adding a set of recommended skills (whether it be by highlighting them, or some other means) would really homogenize the starting players. Not everyone needs to be able to log well, or even at all, if you work together.

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