Environmental Research

  • Hi there, as an avid gamer and university student about to start a degree in Wildlife Conservation Biology, stumbling across this game filled a void that I honestly didn't expect to fill. Unfortunately being Australian and a poor student, terrible currency conversion rates mean I won't be able to pick up the game for a while yet (one day, one day).

    Forgive me if I mention anything that has been posted before, I haven't scanned through the whole board so it's entirely possible but I wanted to talk about future skill trees. I had a look on the wiki through the current skills which already looked awesome and I can't wait to see people specializing into their different branches but I noticed a lack of a skill tree I would personally love to see. Considering how heavy the emphasis is in eco to manage the ecosystems of the planet to achieve balanced progression, will there be skill trees focused on environmental research and ways to implement them as a profession?

    For example: I understand that all players get access to the eco stats, allowing all players to be involved in decision making and the like however I think it would be cool to be able to say.. Be hired by the government or some player organization to specifically go out and research wildlife diversity or something of the like and trends, spending majority of their time working with the data to present to said organization a report to base the laws/formulate construction plans from. Like in real life, business minded players may not have the time (or if there were skills or equipment researchable that in of itself took time to develop) to do such research themselves and as such, a profession focused on being able to provide analysis of that data relating to their needs would be very interesting.

    That's just my two cents and is bias by the fact that when I get the game, I would love to be able to go out and study the world with what could be a specific skill set which would allow me to sell my research and make a living as opposed to simply doing it on the side and say.. baking or farming for money. Hope to hear some discussion from other current players and maybe even the devs on ideas like this.

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