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  • rentechd

    Hi DopeGuy

    This is a problem that many seem to have with how Nitrado has the servers configured. They were contacted some time ago with tips on how to resolve this issue for their clients but apparently the issues have bot been resolved. The problem they have is that each time the server is started it creates and builds a new world and often is subject to crash loops. This is not due to Eco or anything wrong with Eco and nothing that can be done by you or by the Eco devs to resolve it. this is a fix Nitrado has to perform. In most cases the work around has been that users have changed providers

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  • rentechd

    Server is currently only official supported for windows. There are some people running it in Linux with Mono and I can suggest that you contact Kicker on discord about doing that - he can help. There is no Mac server files, sorry

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  • rentechd

    That graph alone really does not give us much to go on. Could you provide other world information? Have you maybe picked all the foods that feed the animals and they are starving? Has the world been polluted and it can sustain the animals? Just showing animals death alone without other world information doesn't tell us much. What about c02 levels? Air pollution? Pollution from tailings?

    Its possible its a bug but I have not heard it being reported by others running 6.2 and not seeing it on any servers I am running. I think the first place to start is to be able to take a good look at the information about the whole world first.

    Also are you running the server with default settings in the configuration files or have you edited/modded,, Do yuo have the Modkit enabled?

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  • Foolish_Crok

    Im willing to build something big there, wanna join up the efforts?

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  • ClayC

    Hi @Mozleron ,

    To me this sounds like one of your pc components is failing, do you have a temperature sensor that gives you real live temperatures of your components?

    You can easily download one, and it will record and benchmark these for you,

    From the looks of it you should focus more on the main board and graphics card temperatures.

    Please let us know if you are able to pinpoint the issue.

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  • Mozleron

    I'm experiencing a hard system crash after maybe an hour of play. My left monitor turns green and the right one turns black. The only way to recover is to hold the power button.

    What sort of data would be useful for helping discover the source of this issue? dxdiag? Local client logs?

    I'm on Windows10 x64
    Xeon E5-2630
    32GB RAM
    Nvidiea Quadro K4200

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  • ClayC

    this server seem to be going in the right direction, keep up the good work @York

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