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  • Pradoxzon

    Updates for Eco Beta

    All of my mods have been updated for These updates get the mods working on the current Eco version, and don't add any new features.


    The license that comes with any download of AdminUtils can also be found here on my website. By downloading or installing my mods, you are agreeing to the license.


    AdminUtils v4.0.1
    AdminUtilsSolo v1.1.1
    Core v1.1.1
    DumpDlls v1.0.1
    GroupManager v1.0.1
    InfoDump v2.8.1

    Change Log

    For more details, see each mod's download page on my website.
    Updated for Eco Beta

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  • airrissen

    Es ist ja geplant das eine Art "Müllsystem" mal ins Spiel kommen sollte.

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  • ClayC

    A new version will be out soon,

    If you want to report any bugs to be fixed for next release, please feel free to forward them to me,


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  • Master Who

    Yes it does

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  • msniveau

    using domains while adding the server is supported now
    !addserver main

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  • ClayC

    Latest dll and also, you must be admin

    it is part of the claystk-admin.dll

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  • msniveau

    I can't reproduce that. I've used the bot to print the current server status on your discord, that seems to work fine:

    Edit: nevermind, seen your message now :D Its solved :) Thanks for the feedback

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  • Rexzooly

    Here we have EcoConnect, a Eco Launcher that supports both SLG and Steam versions of the game, this launcher is able to edit the in game Continue button so you private servers managed by EcoConnect will be already be in game without ever using the server list, since you don't need to poll loads of servers just to click join or connect.

    I want to do much more with this, and slowly working on it,
    Please report all the bugs on discord

    I have to say if it was not for a few users just saying ya it's not for everyone but it sounds useful I think I wouldn't of kept this going so thanks you.

    I am happy to take requests :)

    To install EcoConnect.exe you place it with Eco.exe this will be in your steam folder/ steamapps/Eco for your Steam version, you will place it with you Eco.exe where ever you placed your folder for the SLG version


    A few people have used this to check that there server is really online when the server list was not working right or lagging or not showing there server, as when you save a server as default in EcoConnect it set's it as your Continue so you don't have to use your server listing at all, please note this is not by **Eco **or any of there dev's I created this because I wanted it and needed it, enjoy it but if any problems please report to me not Eco.

    Open to ideas and request,

    I can theme and lock to a given server for server admins, but this would be at cost(cost does not always mean money, contact me and we can talk)

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  • msniveau

    You may let me know which IP you've added to the server or the discords server id so that I'm able to check the difficulty more detailed.
    Please also make sure that you used the webport (not the gameport).

    If you are using the correct port you can verify while using the following service:

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  • Ryvix


    I'm not sure if you can do this with the pre-made graphs in the web interface. What you can do is can use the Eco API to do what you want.

    They do seem to work on a fresh local server just fine but return a value of 0 on my hosted server but it probably just has to be wiped.

    One thing you could try is just getting the playerstats, for example: http://SERVER_IP:PORT/api/v1/analysis/playerstats/USERNAME?startDay=7&endDay=14

    You will get a JSON encoded response back containing a list of the specified player's stats and one of those is Learn Skill which will say something like "Summary": "learned 78 skill points".

    That might not be exactly what you're looking for. If you want individual skills you can query them with the dataset/get API operation by sending a JSON encoded dataset like so:
    ["Humans","USERNAME","Learn Skill", "Surivalist"]
    ["Humans","USERNAME","Learn Skill", "Surivalist","Basic Crafting"]

    To view the API documentation you can go to http://SERVER_IP:PORT/swagger

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