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  • NoBlackThunder

    Howdy you need to be a Dev code backer and use the new account invite system to get access to the source code

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  • NoBlackThunder

    Can you try updating to 6.2 ?

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  • NoBlackThunder

    Could you record that issue and upload the world save ? Also what eco version are you using?

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  • NoBlackThunder

    What OS / eco version are you using ? Are your drivers up to date?

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  • NoBlackThunder

    Could you provide more information about the soil with the other plants ? Could it be a soil / water issue that is causing different growth rates?

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  • NoBlackThunder

    Hey! Not sure what the issue is exactly , is it the carts or the player arrow that is just the issue? Have you checked the map filters?

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  • NoBlackThunder

    Are you trying to cut down the stump first ? Could that be the issue ?

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  • JohnK

    @Foolish_Crok said:

    Dungeons & Dragons already solved this issue.

    Your proficiency (in this case inflation) raises two ways - in your main profession and multi-classed
    So lets say You chose to be chef
    You are a chef as main class, butcher as 2nd and farmer as 3rd
    Chef skills 5, butcher skills 2, farmer skills 2
    In this way increasing Chef skills from 5 to 6 will increase inflation for Chef skill points only - so it will cost you 6
    But if You level cross class adding one more skill to butcher - from 2 to 3 - will cost amount of skills You have +1 so in this case (5+2+2)+1 -> to level up butchery from 2 to 3 will cost You 10, while leveling Chef from 5 to 6 will cost you 6.

    Bit more complicated but perhaps this way solves one-man-army that can beat game alone, right?

    Interesting, got a link describing this fully?

    @ExPLiCiT said:


    @JohnK said:

    The trick is to find a way to keep specialization important in worlds that have lasted a long time. If there are tons of 'skill gods' that have managed to specialize in everything, there will be no need for an economy. There's only so far you can take the skill tree content, we'll make it as deep as possible but it will always be finite, and thus without limiting the economy will eventually become obsolete.

    Thanks for the feedback, what level of skill specialization are you playing with? The goal is to let players differentiate a bit and have a few things they can do really well and a lot of stuff they can do not so well, such that specialization stays relevant but not restricting. It's a very challenging balance to find.

    I believe that the inflation rate needs to be scaled globally based off of the skill points used by all players on the server not just yourself. This way it will be more reflective with the current amount of players on the server.

    Currently I don't have a lot of active players and with the inflation rate there are several skills I can't unlock that are necessary to progress and there are not other players that I can either barter the skill scrolls from or buy the components I need. This ultimately brings a deadlock to progress.

    Yeah thats the trick with servers having variable numbers of players: do we change the skill specialization rates? If so, you could start as a lone wolf and get everything, but when new players come the skill inflation goes up, and you cant get as much, but that first person has a ton of skills already, which feels unfair. Perhaps theres some dynamic change that happens slowly over time, or maybe you would actually lose skills if more players entered the game and the world was set with 'dynamic' skill inflation.

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  • NoBlackThunder

    Disclaimer , personal opinion not slg opinion

    I honestly feel that is how i like it. The higher the level the more it cost to actually get that level. I know a few games that favor low level only and most people don't care to buy the last level for a 0.2% boost. While here specialization is actually heavily encouraged. It feels more worth to actually max out a skill. but that's my personal opinion =P

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