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    There isn't a way to do that but there may be a mod that allows it. You can check mod.io and https://eco-mods.com/ to see if you can find something.

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    Hi @Valkeller ,

    Can you report that issue in our bug tracker? https://github.com/StrangeLoopGames/EcoIssues/issues

    Thank you so much!

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    Why doesn't it allow you? Are you getting an error?

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    You're welcome! :)

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    Our Art Director, Milenko, walks us through some of Eco's latest art assets. youtu.be/3M-nAqXJaVY

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    7.6.1 hotfix

    • Fixed crash when opening a currency report
    • Fixed steam saying Eco is still running if it opens your web browser
    • Fixed stores sometimes crashing the server when the owner unclaims the property they are on.
    • The elevator bottom now counts as a door for detecting rooms
    • Fixed migration of linked inventory settings from 7.5.1 to 7.6.
    • Fix for inventory related exceptions
    • Made the 'food' tutorial pop up after forage, so you always have a route to see the food tutorial and get the food status UI.
    • Also fixes economy viewer issue with tooltips.
    • Fixed housing not setting up on load.
    • Misc fixes

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  • ShaydenMac

    @Hillbilly_one @emi285 If you can both report this bug we'd appreciate it. You can do so here: https://github.com/StrangeLoopGames/EcoIssues/issues


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  • ShaydenMac

    This bug is fixed and should be implemented in a future hotfix. Thanks for reporting!

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    @CowaBunga Yep! There is a metal door which can be made in the rolling mill.

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    @springphul This is a known bug and should be fixed in an upcoming hotfix. In the future, please consider reporting bugs here https://github.com/StrangeLoopGames/EcoSuggestions/issues and any suggestions/ideas here: https://github.com/StrangeLoopGames/EcoSuggestions/issues


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  • ShaydenMac

    Beta 7.6.0 Changelog


    Distribution Station

    • Added a new Distribution Station object. This is a stockpile where the owner can set a ration of items that every new player can take, which they will be notified of with a World Marker when they enter the game. With this object, citizens and governments can set up items to provide to new players to help them get started/catch up. You'll also be able to see the items provided from the Server Browser.

    • You can set the max 'age' of a player for them to be eligible for items.

    • Added Chainsaw

    • Added Starter Camp

    • The camp comes with a small stockpile and contains starting supplies.

    • The camp also serves as a crafting table that can craft a limited selection of things.

    • Added Real Estate Desk

    • At the desk, you can examine your deeds, edit their settings, move land and vehicles between deeds, create and delete deeds, and unclaim land and vehicles. You can also buy and sell deeds.

    • Deeds are no longer items that you can carry in your inventory.

    • Replaced "Property Claim Flags" with a "Land Claim Stake" tool and "Land Claim Papers". The Land Claim Stake works similarly to how claim flags used to work - hold it and right click to claim some land. It also has some new features. You can hold it and left click on claimed land to unclaim it. You can also target claimed land with it and press 'E' to open the deed window for that land. The Land Claim Stake uses Land Claim Papers. Each paper represents your right to claim 1 plot of land. Unlocking skills will grant you Land Claim Papers, in the same way it used to grant you Property Claim Flags previously.

    • When you claim land with the Land Claim Stake, the deed that the land is attached to is no longer determined by the deed in your inventory (since you can't have deeds in your inventory). Rather, it is determined by the deeds of nearby plots belonging to you, and . If there are none within range, a new deed is created.

    • The treatment of vehicles versus stationary objects with regards to deeds and authorization has been unified, and the 'Auth' tab of the object window - which has been renamed to the 'Authorization' tab and given an overhaul to improve both clarity and appearance - will appear for both. No more 'Lock' toggle for vehicles - they now have full authorization settings support just like stationary objects (that is, the ability to set them to public, whitelist, or inherit from deed mode).

    • Added an "Unclaim Property" action to stats, which can be referenced in laws.

    • Added Robotic Assembly Line

    • The Robotic Assembly Line is used to craft all internal combustion engine vehicles and other advanced machinery.


    • Added calculated exchange rates. Eco will now compare trades of the same item in different currencies to make a rough exchange rate, which can be used by citizens to help understand prices (how to shop and how to set prices). The inner details of how they're calculated is displayed as well, so players can make informed decisions. You can view this in a currency’s ‘Currency Report’. Will be doing more with this exchange rate later.
    • Added intro sequences for food and housing, explaining the concepts with icons and animations.
    • Made it easier to exit water in a few situations like 1 block thick docks.
    • Third person mode in vehicles now zooms out further and behaves more consistently.
    • Vehicles with tools now attempt to dump into multiple inventories for objects that have multiple inventories.


    • Made the server browser ping filter go to ‘unlimited’ (previously went to 500ms)
    • Improved client script performance.
    • Eliminated performance impact of using world markers.


    • Added a key binding to toggle 3rd person (defaults to F5).
    • Changed the nutrient values of almost everything, generally a ~20% increase.
    • Nutrient values now scale more aggressively with higher tier food.
    • Recipe costs changed due to recent farming/collection changes.
    • Removed Campfire Cooking skill - the recipes are now available to everyone.
    • Old Campfire Cooking recipes ingredients have been modified due to no efficiency/speed skills.
    • Removed Basic Crafting skill - the recipes are now available to everyone.
    • Basic Crafting recipes ingredients have been modified due to no efficiency/speed skills.
    • Players now start with reduced land claims and a camp item.
    • Most plants now give less resources.
    • Added seed recipe for mushrooms.
    • Gathered seeds no longer increase with gathering skill.
    • Blast furnaces once again produce tailings.
    • Blast furnaces are now harder to make.
    • Lots of miscellaneous changes to late game recipes.
    • Ingots (all kinds) are more expensive, other recipe costs reduced where appropriate.
    • Ingots now weigh less.
    • Steel now requires coal or charcoal to smelt.


    • Fixed an issue where a vehicle with both a fuel supply and storage would behave inconsistently in the linked inventory UI. (The UI displayed the fuel supply and the storage as separate inventories with separate settings, but the server treated both inventories as sharing the same settings. Now the server also treats them as separate inventories).
    • Fixed the fishing line not meeting with the lure correctly.
    • When attempting to join a server by ip address, if you enter an invalid ip, it will now show an error message instead of attempting to connect forever.
    • Single-player server will now close itself if the client crashes.

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  • ShaydenMac

    In Beta 7.6.0, players will now start the game with a Starter Camp Item.

    This camp will allow players to learn the game in a more restricted, less overwhelming environment, while still allowing experienced players to build out at whatever speed they desire.

    The campsite will place down a camp and a small stockpile together, along with claiming a small plot of land around it.

    The tent will function as a workbench with the following recipes: Workbench, Campfire & Small Stockpile.

    The tent will also contain a pickaxe, axe, hammer, hoe and property claims in a small internal inventory.


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  • ShaydenMac

    Good ideas and thoughts you guys. Let's continue the thoughtful discussion!

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  • ShaydenMac

    Hi, @boots01 Thanks for the feedback! We really appreciate it! I'll pass on your thoughts to the devs.

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    YouTube streamer, Civillain, has a nice ongoing playlist of Eco gameplay touching on capitalism, economy, pollution, elections, revenge, and intrigue. Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQwdolCI6qQ&list=PLck3mrH3bNef9ZFz0HwEKRoG8SQKRzv48

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    This massive cat statue was built on a previous KoS server. Impressive!! @KatherineOfSky capture_2018-05-15_03-59_001.png

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