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    Server, Client or Website: Eco dedicated server

    OS/Web Browser: Windows 10

    Detailed Description of Issue: The game decided it was time to punish an excavator. The player in the excavator at the time (which was moving in a way that defied space and time) was ejected from the game world entirely. When he came back in, he was on the other side of the planet and the excavator was nowhere to be seen. We decided to try stopping and restarting the server to see if it would kindly give us our excavator back. Upon trying to restart it, it would pause for at least a minute on "Initializing WorldObjectManager... 7%" and then it would throw an unhandled exception: System.AggregateException for "total world volume is larger than the max supported size" and a stack trace.

    Reproducible? How difficult is it to reproduce? This error happens every time we try to start the server. No idea how it got into that condition in the first place.

    Steps to reproduce bug/issue: N/A

    Additional Comments: None

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  • beelzerob

    Excavators are REALLY fun and useful. Much more than the skidsteer. Combine it with a truck and you'll be moving mountains soon.

    Transferring between vehicles is very easy. I find that usually I have to get the bucket directly over the bed of the truck before I get the green outline indicating to unload (right click). I'm not sure, but orienting the bucket so it actually looks like it's dumping over the truck might make it easier to get the outline.

    BTW, if you're digging near the building that needs the resources, you can just select the excavator as a linked stockpile and it will pull whatever it needs out of your bucket automatically. Handy if you build your smelters directly near the iron mine.

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  • beelzerob

    My cousin and I have been busy spending a couple weeks trying to destroy our world. Fun, so far. But a repeated frustration is the ownership issues. Put down a vehicle, and it's barred from me until he sets it to public. If he picks it up (after the world ejects it somewhere because of a physics bug) and places it down again...it happens again. I know that the particular deed for an item can be removed, but that is seriously cumbersome to do for everything that is ever laid down

    Or if he starts a task on a piece of manufacturing equipment, I can't stop the task. In fact, I can't even change the attached supplies to the piece of equipment. Well, I CAN change them, but the existing task being run (whatever is being made) won't see that I added a stockpile. He has to come over and make the change himself.

    I understand the need for that kind of ownership mechanism in general....but is there some way to set the server so that there is none of that? Can't we just pretend that, hey, our world is going to be destroyed in 20 days, who cares who owns what and let's just get along??


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  • beelzerob

    The game is lacking in a few of areas when it comes to ease of use. For instance, being able to transfer stacks of items from one container to the next. Most games allow for holding down a key on the keyboard and clicking the stack to transfer the whole thing at once. Is the clicking and dragging meant to be arduous?

    Dropping was mentioned about a year ago, and the response was that the trash system would take care of that.
    The trash system (at least in some form) now exists, but the ability to drop something would still be VERY appreciated (even if it becomes trash when you do it).

    The first issue with the trash system is that dragging something down to trash causes it to appear underneath you and pop you up one block. This became a big problem when I had dug a cavern to store trash in and my head kept popping through to the other side of the voxel whenever I put down some trash. It would be nice if the default behavior was to place the trash in the spot in front of the player, and then below the player only if that spot wasn't a valid option.

    The second issue is that I'd really like to be able to make a landfill by simply dropping items from my inventory. Most games when you drop something it flings it a little way in front of you. I'd love to be able to do that at the lip of my hole and throw items into it. Right now, throwing anything away is difficult to do. Not to complain too much about realism, but in the real world, throwing something away is about the easiest thing to do. Let there be consequences...bring on the consequences!! But don't make discarding items something I rarely do just because it is so cumbersome.

    Having to place individual shovel fulls can really be a hassle sometimes getting the spot to highlight. Just letting me drop the shovel full of dirt and it will fall down to where-ever is below it would be such a nicer way to fill in holes. I know that dirt placed right now will fall down until it hits something, but you still have to PLACE that shovel full. I'd rather just be able to dump the shovel-full wherever it happens to be.

    Love the game, keep it up.

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  • beelzerob

    I'd like it just because any game that has rain becomes more atmospheric to live in. Adds to the pretty.

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