Thurdi's Eco Server - 9km world, 1.5x skill gain, Med Collab(500), 60 day Meteor. Join us today!

  • Server name: Thurdi's Eco Server

    The roles you're looking for (if applicable): Whatever you enjoy!

    Age range: All ages welcome

    Timezone: Server is CST but we have players from both USA and Europe

    Server IP:


    Welcoming players of all skill levels! 9km world, 1.5x skill gain, Medium Collaboration (500), 60 day Meteor. Currently day 12 but we plan to continue even after the meteor, so don't feel that you missed out or it's too late to join! New players can dive for clams to turn in for 100 Stix, our global currency. We have about 20 active regulars, two admins to help with issues, a Town Hall where you can purchase skill scrolls for a small fee, roads, shops, and a healthy economy in place. You're free to play however you like, whether you join the existing players or strike out on your own. We ask only that you respect each others space and leave room between properties for everyone to grow. Empty properties are periodically removed to make space for new active players, and we monitor plants and animals to make sure you won't have a problem finding the resource you're looking for. We love seeing new faces so stop by and say hello. Hopefully you find a new home with us and the already amazing world we have growing around us!

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