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  • I've been playing the same character for years and years now and she's grown and changed in all manner of ways through the decisions made in these stories. While she wouldn't make a move to the Republic (she's a Sith Warrior), opening up the possibilities for my other characters to make a switch like this as part of their own journey is hugely compelling to me. One such possibility is the potential for &klo2kpermanent faction switching. The Eternal Throne story let players align with SWTOR Credits the opposite faction at various points if one desired, but the very end of the Nathema Conspiracy Flashpoint offers players a choice on who to contact between the Empire and Republic, hinting at the possibility that we'll be able to make a more meaningful choice along these lines at some point in the future.

    KOTFE & KOTET were simply too grand in their scope. This would be fine in a &klo2ksingle player game where it all ends, **Buy SWTOR Credits **the credits roll, and you move on, but in an MMO, players are always wondering what's next. BioWare Austin sort of painted itself into a corner here by letting the player character truly win. By the end of **SWTOR Credits US **KOTET, the player dominates the galaxy basically unopposed. The great thing about SWTOR is that, unlike any other RPG, your characters have a sense of time and history to them. The events that occur as part of your origin story, Hutt Cartel, Revan, KOTFE and KOTET all add a richness to your journey that you just can't get anywhere else.

    Going back to a classic conflict may not sound too exciting at face value, but it's not like BioWare is retconning Eternal Throne. The events that transpired over the course of the last two expansions shook the galaxy to its core, upended both factions and cleared the way for all sorts of interesting possibilities. You've got SWTOR Credits for sale enemies, sure, but between the defeat of Valkorion and his kin and the possession of the Eternal Fleet, the notion of being under any sort of real threat is hard to swallow. To make matters worse, these expansions don't make a whole lot of sense if you're not a Force user, which is one reason I haven't taken some of my favorite characters through it and that's bothered me for years now.

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