how do you stop ground pollution spread ?

  • i got rid of the source which was tailings even though it was deep down in the ground surounded by stone all the way around for a few layers and some how it still managed tyo pollute the ground way above but now i got the spread causing havok , help!!?

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  • and misusing quotation marks isnt minor. thats what aholes do to change peoples words around. that is intentional. not capitalizing and not using punctuation is minor

  • @KubeROX Somebody ask a question on a game mechanic, to which you don't have the answer. So you tell her that she shouldn't ask, and then the two of you go in some wild forum battle.

    I'm not sure why it's offensive to you that somebody want to know how the game works.

  • i didnt say she shouldnt ask. i said dont check wiki and i implied that the forums is where to go to ask. i answered her vague question correctly. she was complaining that all these answers are peoples personal experiences and whined the devs arent answering and people arent updating wiki for her. she even admitted she wasnt spacific and was being sarcastic. I ANSWERED HER QUESTION. there are all these personal experiences here because things are changing constantly. and as an admin i have dealt with so many noobs not understanding what burry it in stone means. thats the answer. you have to burry it surrounded by natural stone. you can tell that to a noob. u can show em how its done and they will go back to their property and do it wrong. and complain and blame it on all kinds of things. ....the offensive thing is the answer is there yet in comes the whining vague question.

  • It's a precise question. The only thing vague here is the answer.

    It's a game, it's meant to have fun with it. Doing the conventional thing is boring.
    When a noob handle the tailings wrong and we have a situation, I'm thrilled. It's something exciting happening.
    But I never have much to tell them other than "If you put them in a stockpile underground in stone it works" and "Well whatever, pollution don't do anything right now anyways".

    If I knew how it works exactly I could work on creative solutions with them and save the day. You know, the good stuff.

  • Personally I would like to know the answer to how this works, that's precisely how I ended up in this discussion. I also am playing the game, so, you know, the answer is useful. Waiting till release is not useful.

    If you don't have anything useful to contribute, that's fine, just don't tell people not to try.

  • first of all, sorry i was a jerk earlier. this tailings thing is a sensative spot for me i guess. we used to know exactly what tailings required but it keeps changing and with 5.6 or 5.6.1 i think tailings got way easier to dispose of safely. i dont know exactly what the code says. i havent found anyone who knows exactly what the tailings mechanics are anymore and i dont think anyone is really trying to find out because the mechanics of many things in the game keep changing. 6.0 has MAJOR changes and i would not be surprised at all if the mechanics of tailings are changed again in a couple weeks. or even tomorrow (actually they may already be changed i havent made tailings in 6.0 yet). but with that said i do know some things that work and some things that dont. so i can tell you what i know. here is my basic tailings speach which i have given many times..

    1. you cant build any type of room. mined stone is not natural untouched stone. u need a room carved out of natural stone. (and possibly ore and coal work now too)
    2. the room doesnt really have to be completely surrounded with only a door opening. i have dug a 4x4 tunnel into a mountain till i have stone all around me. then i dig down 5 blocks and put a stockpile. ....the huge tunnel hole always makes people think my tailings are polluting but they never do. from the best i can tell it seems like the tailings simply look in all 6 directions. if it sees stone (or maybe ore and coal too) in all those directions (even if its pretty far away (even more than 20 blocks) it will contain pollution.
      i know thats just a personal experience and you want code lines but i would be surprised if u get the answer you are looking for so heres mine if u cant get an answer directly from the code.

    and once again. i didnt tell you not to try. try rereading the post. i told you not to look at wiki and i directly implied this is the place to look for your answers. so you can keep whining about what i said but you are incorrect again.

  • and just to give u a little idea of how much the mechanics have changed in 6.0, heres a few changes ive notice from a couple hours of playing around (only doing the most basic stuff). calories consumption is way up. storage in the stockpiles is...weird now. the amount of logs you pick up are down. tools have durability and have to be repaired now. skill cost way more now (gonna force people to finally specialize). it takes over 6000 skill points to unlock every upgrade in the survival tree branch (the first branch that starts unlocked). log efficiency works different now. and on and on. really there is too much to list i could go on for pages but my point is it looks like almost everything is different in 6.0 and i have just barely touched the version. i read sea level rises now and many other huge changes. this doesnt even feel like the same game anymore. gonna be lots more grinding and hard work in 6.0. the balance is completely different

  • I used mortered stone and compleately incased the stock pile including underneath in 7x7x7 with no door as it shares a wall with the room the bloomery is contained in and seems to be holding up. There is a little spread but I think it more so coming from the bloomery then the stock pile. another reason the bloomery could be spreading in my case is the use of stone roof tile too .eco pol source.jpg eco pol spread.jpg

  • My best solutions for 2018 to get rid of trimmings is simple

    1. Make a quarry and save all you materials you get from making it (quarry should be relatively larger about 10x10 and personally 30 blocks deep)( this method should be used for people with help from others)
    2. Dig a hole near your home or make a smeltery elsewhere.
    3. Last method and possibly the economical is making an above ground warehouse made of mortarted stone (dimensions 30x20x10 lengthxwidthxheight) but make it in a flat area with no sources of water or vegetationand fill it with stockpiles best areas to do this is in the desert.

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