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  • rentechd

    Why, after being banned would someone want to come back to a group? I can think of two reasons. One would be to apologize to the person who you had behaved so badly towards and to see about (yet again) another chance or 2) to create more harassment and drama. I will let all reading this guess which road he picked that resulted in his being banned from that discord also.

    One of the reasons you don't see admins sharing lists of people that are banned from server due to behavior, harassment, and other violations is that SLG does not get involved in "outting" banned. However if the player to come announce that they have been banned then there is no privacy to protect.

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  • rentechd

    He chooses to post this where he accused my admin of cheating when he was in fact fixing the server after a crash so skill points would function again. He even admits he was mistaken, when he does not post is the harassment and inappropriate posts he mad when he thought the the admin was cheating. And the disrespect he treated the admiring with for doing nothing more then fixing this so they worked.

    He is trying to make you think this is why he was banned. This was several days before his ban and he was banned because he was harnessing and antagonizing and being totally inappropriate with a lady on the server. He was asked to stop and instead came back and started in on her again. After having been told after the 'cheating' episode and one with the harassment that he would be banned if the behavior continues, He was when it did. had already been warned about starting trouble as he had with accusing the admin of cheating for fixing the server and he was warned about inappropriate behavior. The admin finally banned him with my agreement. Admins have the right to remove anyone from their personal servers if they are breaking rules or being disruptive or inappropriate.

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  • rentechd

    At this time Eco server only supports IPV4. There are discussions about adding support for IPV6. IPV4 is need because UPnP IGP is used setting up the client server. IPB4 is only needed if you are going to be hosting the server. It is understood that some ISPs in the EU do not, as a matter of course, offer IPV4 to their customers and this has on a couple of occasions meant that players have been unable to set up servers that would connect, although they still had access to play on other servers and with other players. In only a couple of instances that I know of has the cplayer no been able to get IVP4 enabled on their account because they absolutely wants to host a server. Hosting a server is not necessary to playing the game.

    i work closely with several German Game Hosting companies and they host the servers with IPV4 available so that maybe an option to look into if you are unable to get your ISP to enable IPV4 for you

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  • rentechd

    /save is an important command, even if you have access to the ui console, as often you want to force a save before the server is stopped. If you are using a hosting service it totally depends on how they have things configured and set up as to where a save is done when you click a 'stop' or 'restart command'. If they don't have command scripts that run before the shutdown is executed that send the command to save you could risk losing back to the last auto save the game did. This has been an issue for some server admin with hosted servers. Now they have a way to send a save command before they live the game and click the stop clink/button in they game control panel. The most they will lose at that point would be the time between when they issue that command and when they clicked stop. For those with hosts that already send a save command to the server before sending the shutdown command, this really is not that important but its nice to have in other cases. If for some reason you server started acting up and lagging very badly or showing other errors, being able to tell it to save from in the game in case its thinking about crashing is always helpful. This is the same command that is run by what you set in the for saving the game.

    the /backup command is what is run by the configuration you have set in the which backups your, the db files and makes a backup file in the Storage./Backups/. You will have set how many backups to retain, say 10 for example, but if you to a /backup from in game you will see an extra backup in the Storage/Backup folder unless the next time autobackup runs, and removes the files that exceed the number you said to save - but its a way to know the command is working.

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  • rentechd

    Killservers put this through our testing sandbox and it works great. Its really wonderful to be able to have the server ui console commands now available in game, especially being able to save the game before shutting it down. This command is helpful even for those that have the console access. We have wanted this for our server owners for some time and with the SLG busy getting ready for steam launch it was not something that John thought they could not get to for a while so suggested we see if someone could make a mod. Pradoxzon was willing to work on this so this has been really great!

    We want Pradoxzon to know how much we appreciate his work on this and that the credit for this work goes solely to him.

    Just so you know when you run the commands that produce a file, like /exportchatlog the log will be written to a new folder called ExportedDocs/ in your root game folder. The mod will create the new folder for you.

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  • rentechd

    If you have not played a solo game or have no desire to retain the one you have played, simply deleting the files in your ECO folder and unzipping the new ones you downloaded back in there is all you need to do.

    If you have been playing a solo game and wish to retain the game take these steps before deleting the files in your ECO Directory.

    1.Go to your ECO directory and in Eco_Data folder locate the Server folder and click to open it and locate the storage directory and open it. In there is your saved world, by the name you gave it and .eco. Copy it to a safe temporary directory somewhere outside your ECO directory.

    1. Now go to the Config Directory and save the, and and any other config file that you may have edited. Copy them to a safe place.
    2. Delete all the file in your ECO directory
    3. Unzip and put all the new ECO files back in the ECO directory
    4. Get world save files and copy then back into Eco_Data/Server/Storage
    5. Go to your Config directory and open each of the files that you saved copies of and make sure you copy all the edits you made before into the new config files (in most cases these do not change so you could just copy them back in but if something has change it will break you load or you will not get a new setting in - especially if they make world balance changes for solo, so best to always manually edit your configs)

    Once you have done this your good to start your client and go back to your solo game. It may take a bit longer to load the first time after an update as it has to be converted to the update.

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  • rentechd

    I can see a minor space program as a technology to going to an destroying the meteor - be a fun alternative to the lasers and would stay with the premise of the game. The idea of terreforming worlds is a whole different game. Firs of all tehre is a great leap between the reality of Eco and the utter Sci-fi fantasy of terreforming a planet.

    There is no way to start out on 'Mars' and terreform it. Even if you do very little research on terreforming Mars you quickly find out that without more Mass, and a greatly enlarge the magnetosphere no amount of work done of the surface of Mars will terreform it. In its current stat you could bring oceans of water and it would all out gas immediately. mars would need more mass - brought by force collisions from other bodies (and then 1000's of years wait for the planet to stableize), it would need its core rotation speed up - NASA has put forward some plans about digging into the mantle and setting of explosions that would do this. The other way is to coax some large bodies of other bodies into orbit around Mars at Lagrange points to use tehir magnetic field to shield Mars and hold water in and allow it to develop an atmosphere. And taht is just teh very early start of terreforming a planet. Terreforming a planet is still very much science fiction and really has little to do with ecology until a planet is well into a terraforming phase and supporting life. Since most of what we would have to do to terreform a planet would need to be done from space - without technology we don't have except in fictional books, would have to be done from space most likely from generational ships big enough to go coax other bodies to Mars you are talking about a space exploration and terreforing game, not an ecology game.

    There is a huge leap from putting a guy in a rocket , in a space suit and sending him to a meteor to blow it up - and while that is still science fiction at this time for us - we do have the technology to do it and have landed unmanned probes on asteroids so the do-ability of the concept is there. So even though do it would fall under science fiction, I could see the stretch to doing as the byproducts of getting a man and a bomb to the meteor would be another polluting factor you would have to work against.

    Terreforming another planet, while totally science fiction and not based on any technology we currently have does not really have anything to do with ecology and community building etc. Nothing that Eco is really about. Terreforming a planet, even if you found one with the right mass and a magnetosphere, would take generations unlike what you see in the movies. Much of that time would be spent living aboard a ship orbiting the planet and when you could move to the surface it would still mostly be in sealed bunkers. To terreform even the most cooperative planet would be a generational project and it would not be about ecology and community building and working toward saving a planet; but about team choosing and leadership, scientific experimentation and space exploration and developing a new world - a totally different premise. Great premise for a different game but very different from the game Eco and the systems in use in the game.

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  • rentechd

    You need to remember that, except for one server, Eco devs have no control over all these servers. These are all owned by individuals. My servers are all scheduled to restart daily, others restart as needed and others only restart if they crash - this is up to the individual Admin to set up a auto restart to do this.

    As Eco gets more stable it will not need this much. In the meantime the Admin can set up a scheduled task to auto restart. This is an ea game under development and because of that it will have stability issues. There is no way to be 100% stable when you are changing and adding to and working the code. Steam users will be told that if they want a stable game they should wait for final release.

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  • rentechd

    I think he posted that it was a no, because he went and tried it after asking. Tailings need to be contained to keep from polluting even if sitting on stone the pollution will still leak unless they are contained

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  • rentechd

    did you make a bug report about this on github?

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