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  • MGrand3

    If you have sent an e-mail to you should be getting a response within 24-48hrs during weekdays.

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  • rentechd

    MGrande is not wrong but my steps insure that no files are left behind and do not fail to overwrite. Both instructions are technically the same. Mine just make sure that you are not leaving anything behind that can cause a false bug later one. MGrand's steps replace the some of the config files that you probably want to retain like the users file with your whitelist/blacklist and admin list so you don''t have to recreate those lists and your disaster and network settings

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  • rentechd

    For your client:
    Delete contents of the ECO folder
    Unzip the latest download into your Eco folder.
    You are upgraded

    To Upgrade Server and keep same world
    stop your server
    Delete all files from your server except in the stoarge folder and the, and in your Config folder from yoru EcoServer folder
    Unzip latest EcoServer into the EcoServer folder.
    If you changed your world size in then edit the new one to have the dimensions of your existing world. If you modded any other config files for the game you will need to mod them again
    start your server

    If you want to start a fresh world delete the and from your storage folder

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  • rentechd

    You can look in github and in the discord codestream for what was checked in for this patch, but there is no formal patch notes posted

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  • rentechd

    Remember - pollution and that includes dealing with trash is part of the game. A 'trash can' that would magically remove items no longer wanted/needed in game would take away from the player having to deal with pollution. Some people have suggested recycling and other options but at some point you are still going to have trash that will have to be stored somewhere - like a landfill and not just magically removed from the world with 'delete'

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  • rentechd

    Hi Gyllen - you need to upload your file and all crash reports to a dropbox or google drive and link them to a bug report in github. Please see the pinned post in support about how to report bugs - it has a link to where you post bugs on github. they will probably need to see your game save file and crash logs

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  • rentechd

    If you buy the game now you get alpha, beta copies here on the web site and a steam key once its released to steam

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  • rentechd

    I thought that the last person that posted about this issue had made a bug report to the dev's in github but I don't see that they followed up and did that. Could you please make a bug report in githiub? There is a pinned post in the support forum about how to report bugs and it contains a link to github for doing so

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