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  • rentechd

    There is a bug report made about this in the github issues. Apparently it is still there -
    just the art is missing

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  • rentechd

    Updating your server is very easy with a few steps and you can do it without any risk of losing your saved world. In most cases updates are compatible with the previous saved games. The devs work very hard to make it so saved games migrate to the next version. Unless told otherwise you should not have a problem with a saved game and a new update. If something special has to be done to migrate a world for an update they will tell you that in the update announcement and you should follow anything special they tell you needs to be done before doing these steps. These are just the general steps to use for straight forward updates.

    First you will want to save your backups and your saved world as well as your configuration files. These are all in your Storage/ and Configs/ folders. Make make a backup of these folders and contents away from your server root directory.

    Then delete all the Eco server files and install the ones from the new update.

    Copy the Storage folder back in to the root folder so that it copies back your backups and your and Archive,eco (world save files). Since the new update will have already made a Storage folder it will should ask you if you want to replace the new one with the old one you saved (that contains you world files). Tell it yes. Don't delete that copy you made just yet, until you are sure you have no issues and no longer need the backups or files in your copy.

    The last thing to deal with is your Configuration files. The two most frequently changed configuration files are ( the simulation config) and the file. So do not copy your old copies of these files back into the config folder. This way your game will for certainly have the most updated version of these files. If you had modded these files for your previous world you will need to go in the new copies and apply the same edits. For example if you built a 2X world instead of the default dimensions you will need to go into the new and change the dimensions to 140X140 like you had then in the previous version. If you changed TimeOfDay or plant growth rates or something like that in you will need to go apply those changes in the new files.

    For other configuration files, like Backups, Disasters, Difficulty, Users, Network, Modkit, Rooms, WorldObjects, World and so on, in most cases you can just copy the ones you already had edited with your settings back in. Its always wise to make a quick check and compare your old version with the latest to see that they are the same and its okay to continue using them If there has been a change then use the new version and edit it with your information/settings so it works with your server.

    You server should now be updated and you can just start the server!. Sometimes there are migration steps a world has to go through when there is an update the first time it loads. Don't worry if the first time you load the server after an update it takes longer then normal to load. It only has to go through the migration pass one time - after that first time normal load times should resume.

    Occasionally, when a world is migrating through an update it will crash. Very often it will recover from the crash and then load up, complete the migration and be fine. Its always worth letting it have a retry if it crashes when migrating the first time. However, if you keep having issues you should back off and stop your server and seek advice. This does not happen often and in most cases there is an easy remedy. This is one reason for holding on to your backup folders and files until you know for sure everything is working. This way if the devs need to see a fresh copy that has not been migrated yet you will have that for them.

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  • rentechd

    SeaLevelRises and C02 are still off while they work on the fixes for it. 6.1.2 is just a performance hotfix for issues some servers were having. No information yet on when we will see sea level and c02 back in game

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  • rentechd

    There already is a client for MAC, and for Linux, as well as for the PC and this has been the can for some time now, If you are referring to the Server, yes it is officially supported only for Windows, but unofficially it is working on Linux. There are plans for it to be officially support for Linux in the future. I don't know of an plans for Mac Server though.

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  • rentechd

    I don't know that a law could do that, if I understand correctly that you want to give new people that first log on some coins.

    I believe that Clay's mod allowed you to do this, and set it so that players get certain things when they log in. If that mods does not do it you might ask in the forums how other server admins handle this, I know that several server give new players on tehir first login a money bonus and some extra inventory pieces. I believe that you will need to have a mint set up and a currency named and made to enable this.

    Maybe some of the admins that have set it up to provide currency and other gifts to new players could step you through how they did it

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  • rentechd

    The command list on the wiki is a bit out of date. Some of those commands no longer exist in game, some are available to user and not just admin and some new ones are added. That list needs to be updated, its been out of date for a couple of versions now.

    If you do a /help in game it will display the admin commands for you

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  • rentechd

    Hi DiggingforWater.

    We had that conversation quite some time ago, not today. What I told you was that ECO was not officially supported for Linux but that although some had it running back on version 3 there was a break with Mono which was causing issues. The problem was not so much ECO or native Linux but that Mono had some issues with .Net and Mono was not addressing the issues. I explained at the time that devs had even tried rolling back a .Net version in the hopes that that would work around the Mono issues but it did not seem to fix the problem as users were still reporting the same error. I also explained that the official support of Linux would not be coming until after (not upon) the release of ,Net Core 2.0 so that ECO could run natively on Linux. the reason I was 'on about Windows' is that it is what was supported at the time we had no other solution to offer but Windows. I also explained at the time that when .Net Core 2.0 released, while MS said it should be 100% backwards compatible there was always the case that some change to the ECO code might be necessary for it to utilize .Net Core 2.0 and run natively on Linux and that the devs would have to also test a solution before Linux could be officially supported, and that would include setting up Linux servers of their own for testing, as well setting up what release Linux support would come out in so to please not expect immediate Linux support as soon as .Net 2.0 was released, that like everything else when it came to changes that affect the code its never an overnight thing and the devs would have to make the call on how and when support would come.

    We had a follow up conversation after Meta had said they thought that there was now a work around to the Mono issue that would allow ECO to work with Linux. This same information was given to many Linux users that had been trying to get ECO to work again and that several users reported that they now had it working on Linux. It was explained that it was still not officially supported except as a Windows application and we had no information on how to set it up and run it on Linux and that we had no one that was available to help with installation and setup steps for Linux but that hopefully the community would be helpful. I did tell you that you might want to contact other Linux users to see if you could contact those that now were saying they had it working and ask if they could tell you what they had done to do so. I suggested that you ask on the forum as it would be more noticeable then leaving a message in discord and having it scroll away.

    I am not sure what issues people might be having now, or if there is a step that needs to be taken that people don't know about that these other users figured out and the problem they are having now is the one that existed all along. Those users that had it working are either no longer running ECO at all or are still up and running without any problems. We have not heard from any of these users since the time that Meta told us it was working with Linux, that they should give it a try and they reported back that it was working for them. The Linux users that said they had it running were asked to post to the forums, if they got a chance, and explain how they set ECO up and got it running with Mono, to help other Linux users do the same thing. Several said they would but I don't know if anything ever got posted, and there is really no way to demand that someone post a 'how to' in a case like this. I do notice that one hosting company that was running ECO on Linux servers is currently not offering ECO anymore and that could mean that they hit an issue, or it could mean ECO was not a volume selling title or 10 other reasons that have nothing to do with the game not running, there is no real way to tell. I would have assumed that if the people that got it running are still playing and its stopped working again they would have come back to let the devs know and find out if there was another work around. Since its been less then 2 months since they got their servers working again I would think that its most likely that they are not having an issue that has brought them back to see if anything can be done. I will try contact the ones I know said they had it working and ask again if they would post the information you need to get it running.

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  • rentechd

    There was a problem when 6.0.1 was released that kept you from logging in a server. This was fixed by a hotfix that was posted in discord, but that hotfix has now been added to the download. If you downloaded this before the fix was included you may need to download again.

    Also, if the server is building/creating a world it will not let you in until teh world has completely generated. Make sure that it shows your world has completed generation before trying to login or it will hang or disconnect you

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