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  • rentechd

    There was a problem when 6.0.1 was released that kept you from logging in a server. This was fixed by a hotfix that was posted in discord, but that hotfix has now been added to the download. If you downloaded this before the fix was included you may need to download again.

    Also, if the server is building/creating a world it will not let you in until teh world has completely generated. Make sure that it shows your world has completed generation before trying to login or it will hang or disconnect you

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  • rentechd

    1A,B<C That's always a possibility but at this time 'sleep' would serve no purpose in the game. And in most ways you are 'sleeping' when your not online. You continue to gain skill points but you are not really in game - as in being seen by other players/animals etc. If sleep was added as something you did while in game it would really need to do something for you - like apply to stats or something. That would mean doing a bunch of re-coding and adding in a system for sleep and its benefits and then balance that out with food etc.

    Since you are physically not in the game when logged off nothing can affect you. Besides animals do not attack.

    2 There is no player death, you cannot starve or be killed

    1. Nothing happesn or is lost when you die because you cannot die

    2. You can turn off the meteor or change how long you have until it comes. Currently there is no way to change how the meteor reacts once you create the world the first time. So if you build a world with the meteor off you cannot then turn it on if you want it later without restarting the whole world. If you have it set to true and use the default 30 days you cannot turn it off or change the time when it arrives without regenerating .. but you can select it to not show up for 60 or 90 or as many days (real days not game days) as you like - just whatever you select is what you will have for that world.

    3. At this time no other disasters are planned

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  • rentechd

    There is an issue (bug) with 6.0 and getting the webserver to run correctly. Part of it was fixed in the latest 6.0 but we are working on other issue with it not showing up in the server browser.

    You need to post a github issue about your experience - this will help get this issue resolved

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  • rentechd

    At this time paypal is the only way to buy the game. You don't need a paypal account to use paypal - you can just use your credit card through paypal's gateway without registering an account. If paypal is not taking your credit card it could be that you have a paypal account using the same email and so should go through that account or there is an issue with your credit card and either paypal is rejecting it or your bank/credit card provider is rejecting paypal. You need to take this up with Paypal support or with your credit card provider. There is no other payment option, but if your credit card is not being accepted by Paypal it probably would not be accepted by any other credit card gateway either

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  • MGrand3

    If you have sent an e-mail to you should be getting a response within 24-48hrs during weekdays.

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  • rentechd

    MGrande is not wrong but my steps insure that no files are left behind and do not fail to overwrite. Both instructions are technically the same. Mine just make sure that you are not leaving anything behind that can cause a false bug later one. MGrand's steps replace the some of the config files that you probably want to retain like the users file with your whitelist/blacklist and admin list so you don''t have to recreate those lists and your disaster and network settings

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