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  • ClayC


    Porting of Clay's Toolkit 3.2.6 has been done for Eco 7.6.0.

    New Features

    • Vehicles now have no weight limit
    • Increased slots count for Steam Truck, Steam Tractor, Truck, Skid Steer and Excavator

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed teleporting to other player may break connection with server
    • Fixed an issue where teleports were not loaded properly

    WARNING - Install at your own risk, make sure to take backups of your saves before installing


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  • ClayC

    Server has been updated to 7.5.1

    Let's get building skyscrapers using the new cranes!


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  • ClayC

    Hi @AMX ,

    To go to an older version on Steam, you can right click on Eco, Click Properties, Go to BETAS, And select the version you want.

    Alternatively, The server will be updated as soon as CTK is up to date.


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  • ClayC

    Server update + new unique features

    A few days into the new wipe, we have been very busy with building some great wooden buildings, structuring out our new world, and trying to full fill all the needs of all the citizens.

    LK LAW has finally got a v1 for his LK Tower.

    Lazy_Lumberjack is back, as a lumberjack!
    Along with the other pioneers of the server, working together to accomplish greatness.

    Feel free to join us on our journey!

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  • ClayC


    Description: The Lounge - Noob Friendly - Clay's Toolkit Official Lounge Server.
    Eco Version: v7.4+
    CTK Version: v3.2+
    Game Port: 3004
    Web Port: 3005
    World Size: 2km²


    Sponsored by

    Server Description

    With Round 2 being a total success, meteor destroyed, great builds done and mistakes fixed. We learned alot from Round 2, so we are now sharpening our tools, stretching our muscles to start digging, building and conquering yet another meteor!

    What role are you taking?
    What will you build?

    Join us today and show us your awesome skills.

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  • ClayC

    Server is going down and starting over in a fresh new world.

    Round 2 was a success, let's see what awaits us on round 3!

    See you there!

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  • ClayC
    Thank you to all the players who made this video possible.

    The meteor was destroyed and we have been victorious,
    now we build the greatest builds we ever seen for the fun of it.

    Wipe Date: TBA


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  • msniveau

    aaaand made it public - the code is still pretty ugly but okay :D
    github repo is linked in the main thread now

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  • msniveau

    so, cleaned up the codebase a little and added custom monitoring formatting, reduced by 100 lines of code :D

    New command: !setmonitoringformat <status> <format>
    valid status: online / offline
    example for offline monitoring messages:
    !setmonitoringformat offline [{server_tag}] {ip}:{port} is unavailable
    results in [main] is unavailable

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