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  • Scarlet Ortlinde

    Sorry that I didn't say it clearly before... stay on topic

    For correcting minor mistakes go to the grammar and English police subforum

    As for your reason for calling my question a "whining question" please go look up the words you use before you use them

    So far you have given no proven information other than the fact that I made a few minor mistakes which is not part of this topic

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  • Scarlet Ortlinde

    You're right that I could have mentioned the version though you might want to that when no version it's stated it's a stable version and since I asked about stockpiles there's only 2 choices of which one of them is a hotfix but putting all that aside I agree that I should have been way more precise in the information I gave and also I'm not a professional tester I'm a freelance QA tester which means I mainly work during debugging and then it's always the newest build of the piece of the game I'm assigned so I usually don't mention which build I'm on

    But either way I'm still gonna look for information about this and when i get the time I'll just test it on a local world

    On a sidenote you might want to wait with saying anything about when is released as the devs have not made an official statement yet which means it's pure speculation and considering the time between versions so far we're looking at around 1-2 months

    But for now let's let this debate lie until we have something concrete about the topic of the thread

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  • Scarlet Ortlinde

    Wow that's some BS reasoning and it clearly shows you're neither a geek nor a QA tester because then you would know that getting every little bit of information is crucial, as for the wiki it was only to make a point that the information is lacking

    I'm still looking for an answer for it because the last one is obviously made on assumptions and assumptions are useless

    Also THIS IS THE FORUM which is why I search for information here because the wiki lacks information

    A game being in alpha doesn't mean that you don't need information in fact it means you need even more information because of the changing game (though technically this is beta by proper development terms because the public have access)

    From here on out can we try to get proper answers to the questions instead of assumptions and experiences and if you want to discuss development terms like alpha and beta then pm contact me in some other way than this thread

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  • Scarlet Ortlinde

    It would be nice to get a proper answer to the questions instead of different experiences, tailings are supposed to be able to be stored in buildings without causing pollution according to the wiki

    It would be nice if someone could write a list of materials that can contain tailings without leaking pollution and the requirements about how the building needs to be built like do we have to fill in the corners (not just the 8 blocks but the entire lines), can we have doors and very importantly does the stockpiles work properly with tailings if so does it count as a 5x5x5 stack of tailings if filled or as a 5x5x10 stack of tailings

    Also I know for a fact that having dirt around a storage building for tailings isn't a requirement

    If possible it would be nice if the devs said something about this issue or if someone with the sourcecode checked up on the specifics for storing tailings

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  • NoBlackThunder

    Restart your computer and check if maybe an antivirus is blocking your server files.. Though most commenly a simple restart should fix this

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  • NoBlackThunder

    Howdy ! To load a game from the archive or the last savegame that is called, you need to delete the old save game( recommend to take a backup) and then copy the new file to same place where you game save is and rename it to the same name =)

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  • NoBlackThunder

    Howdy! Right now we only have a mac client. There is no mac servers. Since Eco is multiplayer only you can join any other server. So you can basically join any server that is on the same version that you are. The only thing right now you can not do is to host your own server on your mac. That said we are planing to release the server as a .net core application that will later be compatible with not only just windows but mac and linux too. I hope you did understand this =)

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  • Emguy158

    Could be an issue with the server. I'm going to restart it to try to fix the problem. Try again in about 5 minutes. Thanks!

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  • JohnK

    Hm sea level rising super fast somehow?

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  • JohnK

    The goal is to make clear cut forests a blight on the environment, that are a lot of work to clear up. Right now the woodchip art doesnt capture that, we're going to fix the art to look more like this:


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